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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976The 1974 occurrence of the Tristram's warblerSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1979Abnormal number of feathersSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles; Grech, John
1979Aggressive behaviour of the Fan-tailed warblerSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1979The Barbary falcon in MaltaSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles; Beaman, Mark
1970Bird notes for April-July 1970Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1971Bird notes for January-April 1971Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1970Bird notes… January-March 1970Caruana, P.; Beaman, Mark; German, B.; Borg, S.; Galea, C.; Gauci, Charles; Hardman, J. A.; Sammut, N.; Sultana, Joe; Vassallo, F.; Vella Gaffiero, J.; Watson, T. M.
1973Bird ringing group report for 1972Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
2010Bird ringing report 1997-1999Gauci, Mark; Gauci, Charles; Sultana, Joe; Borg, John J.
1983Black-eared wheatear - new breeding record for MaltaSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1981Black-eared wheatear erroneously recorded as Pied wheatearSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1981Breeding biology of the Sardinian warblerGauci, Charles; Sultana, Joe
1970The breeding birds of MaltaSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1970The breeding birds of MaltaSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1981Catching prey in a ‘Flycatcher manner’Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1973The Cetti's warbler Cettia cetti in MaltaSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1979Copulation in the Fan-tailed warblerGauci, Charles; Gauci, Mario V.
1979Ectoparasites (other than Hippoboscidae) collected from birdsSultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1975Eight ornithological notes - 1974-1975Sultana, Joe; Gauci, Charles
1979Evidence of spring passage of Sardinian warblers through MaltaGauci, Charles; Sultana, Joe