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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008B.Ed. (Hons.) Dissertation guidebookUniversity of Malta. Faculty of Education. B.Ed. (Hons.) Dissertation Committee; Caruana, Sandro; Darmanin, Mary; Farrugia, Charles J.; Galea, Simon; Gellel, Adrian-Mario; Martinelli, Victor; Piscopo, Suzanne; Pulé, Sarah; Said, Lara; Spiteri, Doreen; Vuuren-Cassar, Gemma van; Vella, Raphael; Axiak, Cettina
2011[Book review] 'Religious diversity and education – Nordic perspectives' and 'Religious education in a world of religious diversity'Gellel, Adrian-Mario
1995Community centres : a proposal for San GwannGellel, Adrian-Mario
2023Cultivating intellectual abilities and talents : the ‘forgotten’ Catholic contributionGellel, Adrian-Mario; Camilleri, Rosienne
2021The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic : religion and spirituality during the challenging timesGalea, Paul; Dimech, Pauline; Gellel, Adrian-Mario; Schembri, Kevin; Sultana, Carl-Mario
2016-07Engaging young children with spiritual and moral languages through art and narrativeGellel, Adrian-Mario; Deguara, Josephine
2011The impact of cultural religious values upon preservice teachers’ perceptions of their role as educators in Catholic religious schoolsGellel, Adrian-Mario; Buchanan, Michael T.
2001The individualised pedagogy of ChristGellel, Adrian-Mario
2019Initial teacher education in Malta : a long and winding roadSultana, Ronald G.; Gellel, Adrian-Mario; Caruana, Sandro
2008A language for the Catholic Church in MaltaGellel, Adrian-Mario; Sultana, Mark
2008Leaping from non-secular to post-secular. A study of the Maltese scenarioGellel, Adrian-Mario; Sultana, Mark
2021Religious diversity and the secularization process in Malta : a reflection through the experiences of health, social work and education professionalsGellel, Adrian-Mario; Arvanitidou, Zoi; Rossi, Christine
2013Studying at the Faculty of Theology : a study of student data 2003-2011Gellel, Adrian-Mario
2019Teacher education in MaltaCaruana, Sandro; Sultana, Ronald G.; Gellel, Adrian-Mario
2013Traces of spirituality in the Lady Gaga phenomenonGellel, Adrian-Mario
2007Valuing the language of intergenerational wisdom in the spiritual education of childrenGellel, Adrian-Mario