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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Accounting of investment incentives relating corporation tax within the framework of TAS 12 income taxes standardGokgoz, Ahmet
2019-01Accounting of rental transactions within the framework of TFRS16 leasesGokgoz, Ahmet
2021-01Accounting of sale : lease back transactions within the framework of TFRS16 leasesGokgoz, Ahmet
2015The analysis of delivery and payment types in foreign trade within the frame of TAS 18 revenue standardGokgoz, Ahmet; Ozdemir, Hilal
2018-09Contract asset and contractual obligation concepts and their reporting within the framework of revenue recognition standard under TAS 15 service contractsGokgoz, Ahmet
2018Crypto currencies and accounting of bitcoin in TurkeyDizkirici, Ahmet Selcuk; Gokgoz, Ahmet
2019-04Estimation and accounting of expected losses relating the trade receivables within the framework of TFRS 9 financial instruments standardGokgoz, Ahmet
2015Evaluating the financial performances of the banks listed on Istanbul stock exchange banks index by data envelopment analysis and Malmquist indexDizkirici, Ahmet Selcuk; Gokgoz, Ahmet
2017Evaluation of commercial documents training in accounting education : a study on associate degree and undergraduate degree programsGokgoz, Ahmet
2017Postponement of bankruptcy and issuance of over-indebtedness balance sheetGokgoz, Ahmet
2020-04Predicting the TAS-TFRS profit attracting the users of financial statementsGokgoz, Ahmet
2019-10A qualitative assessment on public oversight accounting and auditing standards authority and auditor’s audit within the context of surveillance conceptGokgoz, Ahmet
2018Real estate certificates and accounting applications in TurkeyGokgoz, Ahmet; Dizkirici, Ahmet Selcuk
2016Recognition of carrier plants within the frame of Turkish accounting standardsGokgoz, Ahmet; Temelli, Fatma
2018Reporting key audit matters within the independent audit’s report and a study on the companies listed in Istanbul stock exchangeGokgoz, Ahmet
2015A research on determination of input levels used in fair value measurement hierarchy by firms listed in Borsa IstanbulGokgoz, Ahmet; Senturk, Fatih
2017A study on accounting education in South KoreaGokgoz, Ahmet