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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Addiction tertiary prevention programme in the island of Gozo- the Minnesota model modified for local needsGrech, Anton; Cordina, E.; Xerri, N.
2017-09Amitriptyline revisited : pharmacogenetic implications in antidepressant treatmentMifsud Buhagiar, Luana; Grech, Anton; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony; LaFerla, Godfrey
2000Association between neurological signs and cognitive deficits in patients with schizophrenia and their unaffected relativesMcDonald, Colm; Toulopoulou, Timothea; Grech, Anton; Walshe, Muriel; Murray, Robin M.
2021Audio-visual technology and its impact on mental wellbeingGrech, Anton; Ellul, Gabriel J.
2013Bipolar affective disorder and substance abuseGrech, Anton
2002Brain volumes in familial and non-familial schizophrenic probands and their unaffected relativesMcDonald, Colm; Grech, Anton; Toulopoulou, Timothea; Schulze, Katja; Chapple, Ben; Sham, Pak; Walshe, Muriel; Sharma, Tonmoy; Sigmundsson, Thordur; Chitnis, Xavier; Murray, Robin M.
2011Cannabis and psychosisSeshadri, Madhavan; Agius, Mark; Grech, Anton; Zammit, Stanley
2010Cannabis and psychosis : the Maltese contributionAgius, Mark; Grech, Anton; Zammit, Stanley
2012Cannabis use and age of admission to a psychiatric unit for first episode of psychosisGrech, Anton; Camilleri, Nigel; Taylor-East, Rachel
2005Cannabis use and outcome of recent onset psychosisGrech, Anton; Van Os, Jim; Jones, Peter B.; Lewis, Shon W.; Murray, Robin M.
1998Comparison of cannabis use in psychotic patients and controls in London and MaltaGrech, Anton; Takei, N.; Murray, R. M.
2000Daily life memory functioning in familial and nonfamilial schizophrenia : a study of schizophrenic patients and their first-degree relativesToulopoulou, Timothea; Mockler, D. M.; Grech, Anton; Rabe-Hesketh, Sophia; Yakeley, Jessica; Sigmundsson, Thordur; Sharma, Tonmoy; Murray, Robin M.; Morris, Robin G.
2015'Dar Kenn Għal Saħħtek' - an eating disorder and obesity service in MaltaFalzon Aquilina, Francesca; Grech, Anton; Zerafa, Darleen; Agius, Mark; Voon, Valerie
2018-10Decisional impulsivity in obesityFalzon Aquilina, Francesca; Grech, Anton; Strelchuk, Daniela; Donamayor, Nuria; Agius, Mark; Voon, Valerie
2018Depression and substance abuseGrech, Anton; Vella Fondacaro, Daniel
2021Did social media interaction replace quantitively and qualitatively social face to face interaction during first months of Covid-19 pandemic?Grech, Anton
2006Distribution of symptom dimensions across Kraepelinian divisionsDikeos, Dimitris G.; Wickham, Harvey; McDonald, Colm; Walshe, Muriel; Sigmundsson, Thordur; Bramon, Elvira; Grech, Anton; Toulopoulou, Timothea; Murray, Robin; Sham, Pak C.
2020Eating disorders amongst young persons in Malta : a nationally representative study of the prevalence and effect of eating disorders among young persons in MaltaAzzopardi, Andrew; Grech, Anton; Cuff, Annabel
2013Eating disorders in MaltaGrech, Anton
2021Effect of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health hospital admissions : comparative population-based studyBonello, Fabian; Zammit, Daniela; Grech, Anton; Camilleri, Victoria; Cremona, Rachel