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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An action research based framework for introducing a patient allocation modelGrech, Paulann; Grech, Reuben; Sammut, Alexei
2022Adopting the concept of `Ba’ and the `SECI’ model in developing person-centered practices in child and adolescent mental health servicesAttard, Christie; Elliot, Michelle; Grech, Paulann; McCormack, Brendan
2019-04-16The case of mental healthGrech, Paulann
2010Clients’ perception of their quality of life over time while being supported by a psychiatric outreach teamGrech, Paulann
2020A comparison of narrative exposure therapy and non-trauma-focused treatment in post-traumatic stress disorder : a systematic review and meta-analysisGrech, Paulann; Grech, Reuben
2021-03-09COVID-19 fatigue in our nationGrech, Paulann
2020COVID-19 in Malta : the mental health impactGrech, Paulann; Grech, Reuben
2021Covid-19 restrictive measures : a theoretical exploration of defiant attitudesGrech, Paulann; Grech, Reuben
2020-05Dealing with Coronus : self-help notes for a pandemicGrech, Paulann
2023-01Development of a European Centre of Excellence (Coe) for Research in Continuing Professional Development (UPGRADE)Fitzgerald, Catherine; Aleo, Giuseppe; Affonso, Dyanne; Orlik, Witold; Grech, Paulann; Garcia-Vivar, Cristina; Kilkku, Nina; Wray, Jane; Culhane, Aisling; Balogh, Zoltan; Lillo-Crespo, Manuel; Harrison, Nigel; Gazik, Mario; Kearns, Thomas
2022Ethical considerations of using VR in mental health trainingCachia, Andrew; Camilleri, Vanessa; Dingli, Alexiei; Galea, Michael; Grech, Paulann; Sammut, Alexei; Scerri, Josianne
2019-11-03How not to be a superheroGrech, Paulann
2022-07-06Knowledge, attitude, preparedness and behavior of nurses towards intimate partner violence in mental health settingsMicallef, Charmaine; Sammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann
2022-06-20Main debates on the management of mental illness : 1990-2020. A narrative reviewGrech, Paulann; Grech, Reuben
2020Mental health nursing student handbookSapiano, Maria; Scerri, Josianne; Sammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann
2021Mental health perceptions from artworkSammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann; Galea, Michael; Mangion, Margaret; Scerri, Josianne
2012-03Mental health placement workbookGrech, Paulann; Bason, Josanne; Stevenson, Julie
2019-06-26The mental health telenovelaGrech, Paulann
2021Mental illness and psychiatry : the 20th and early 21st centuriesGrech, Paulann; Grech, Reuben
2019-05-31Multiple disciplines in mental healthcareGrech, Paulann