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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysing costumes as the vital role in the organised carnival in VictoriaGrech, Sarah
2010Integrating annotated spoken Maltese data into corpora of written MalteseVella, Alexandra; Chetcuti, Flavia; Grech, Sarah; Spagnol, Michael
2017Mistakes versus creativity : Malta's linguistic paradoxGrech, Sarah
2017Nurturing language development through interactionGrech, Sarah
2011A preliminary investigation of filled pauses in MalteseVella, Alexandra; Spagnol, Michael; Grech, Sarah; Chetcuti, Flavia
2016Primed for the global industry : the challenge of teaching English to speakers of other languagesXerri, Daniel; Vassallo, Odette; Grech, Sarah
2015Rhythm as a cue to identifiability in Maltese EnglishGrech, Sarah; Vella, Alexandra
2018Rhythm in Maltese EnglishGrech, Sarah; Vella, Alexandra
2013The role of silence in spoken Maltese : durational and distributional characteristics of breaks and pausesVella, Alexandra; Spagnol, Michael; Grech, Sarah; Chetcuti, Flavia
2017A sacred kind of strength? : the role of Catholic religious practices as a coping response to adversityGrech, Sarah
2017Testing pre-service teachers' spoken English proficiencyVassallo, Odette; Xerri, Daniel; Grech, Sarah
2021Tnewwilli one of those please?Curmi, Caroline; Grech, Sarah
2015Variation in English : perception and patterns in the identification of Maltese EnglishGrech, Sarah
2022What can a corpus tell us about phonetic and phonological variation?Vella, Alexandra; Grech, Sarah
2016Worrying about languageGrech, Sarah; Vassallo, Odette; Xerri, Daniel
2017Wrongful arrest of shipsGrech, Sarah