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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Ankle X-ray use at Mater Dei's accident and emergency departmentAbela, Janice; Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2020Assessing impaired fasting blood glucose criteria for high-risk dysglycaemic populations : an experience from a European population stateCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2021At risk population for COVID-19 : multimorbidity characteristics of a European small island stateCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2013Audit on the use of radiological investigations in the management of rhinosinusitisGrech, Stephan; McKearney, Richard M.; Borg-Xuereb, Hermann K.
2021Back pain : an aftermath of Covid‐19 pandemic? a Malta perspectiveGrech, Stephan; Borg, Joseph N.; Cuschieri, Sarah
2016Bisphosphonates : a cost benefit analysis patientCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan; Gatt, Ray
2019Closing the gap - is type 2 diabetes awareness enough to prevent the growing epidemic?Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2020COVID-19 : a one-way ticket to a global childhood obesity crisis?Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2020COVID-19 and diabetes : the why, the what and the howCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2014Imaging of adult ocular and orbital pathology - a pictorial reviewGrech, Reuben; Spiteri Cornish, Kurt; Galvin, Patrick Leo; Grech, Stephan; Looby, Seamus; O'Hare, Alan; Mizzi, Adrian; Thornton, John; Brennan, Paul
2021Insight into the attitudes and experiences of adults with non-communicable diseases a year into the COVID-19 pandemic : the Malta experienceCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan; Grech, Victor E.
2021Insight into the occurrence of common non‑communicable diseases at a population level and the potential impact during the coronavirus pandemic — a need for a syndemic healthcare approach?Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2012Intracranial calcifications : a pictorial reviewGrech, Reuben; Grech, Stephan; Mizzi, Adrian
2020Obesity population at risk of COVID-19 complicationsCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2022An observational study of the Covid-19 situation following the first pan-European mass sports eventCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan; Cuschieri, Andrea
2016Osteoporotic hip fractures : three-year follow-up mortality rate in MaltaGrech, Stephan; Cuschieri, Sarah
2014Outcome of low back pain patients referred to orthopeadic outpatient clinicCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan; Borg, Joe
2020Public health preventive action to start from the fourth decade of life?Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2019-10University food environment, an example of health inequality?Cuschieri, Sarah; Camilleri, Ryan; Grech, Stephan
2022A year of COVID-19 pandemic roller-coaster : the Malta experience, lessons learnt and the futureCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan; Grech, Victor E.