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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968The art and science of surgical diagnosisGriffiths, Victor G.
1976The attributes of a Master SurgeonGriffiths, Victor G.
1970Clinicopathological conferenceGriffiths, Victor G.; Pace, John B.; Muscat, J.; Xuereb, G
1989Cutting for the stoneGriffiths, Victor G.
1988The exhumation of Mattia Preti, painterGriffiths, Victor G.
1968An exposure fixation technique for skin graft in burnsGriffiths, Victor G.
1937-05[Gabra ta' kitbiet : Lehen il-Malti, Ghadd 75] – Kemm xoghol ghal xejn! ; Ix-xmara ; Li kieku ma kienx il-kelb ...... ; Il-barri ; Iftahli, ma!Griffiths, Victor G.; Vassallo, Arthur V.; Farrugia, Ant.; Pisani, Ġorġ; Vassallo, Carm.
1969Iatrogenic disease in surgeryGriffiths, Victor G.
1938-01Kitba ta' mignun = a madman's manuscriptDickens, Charles; Griffiths, Victor G.
1937-05Lehen il-Malti (1937) - Ghadd 75 (Mejju)Griffiths, Victor G.; Vassallo, Arthur V.; Farrugia, Ant.; Pisani, Ġorġ; Tellus, Salv.; Vassallo, Karm.; X. Y.
1938-01Lehen il-Malti (1938) - Ghadd 83 (Jannar)V. E. K. A.; Pisani, Ġorġ; Dickens, Charles; Griffiths, Victor G.; Psaila, Romeo L.; L.; Valletta, Ant.
1938-03Lehen il-Malti (1938) - Ghadd 85 (Marzu)Muscat, Karmenu; Griffiths, Victor G.; Agius, Marju; Pisani, Ġorġ
1994The medical aspects of personal injury assessmentGriffiths, Victor G.
1938-03Mohtar lil zmenijietnaGriffiths, Victor G.
1968Observations on biliary surgeryGriffiths, Victor G.
2000Surgery in Malta : yesterday, in our day and tomorrow?Griffiths, Victor G.
1966The value of the history of medicine in medical educationGriffiths, Victor G.
1993Wartime surgery 1939-45 : as I saw itGriffiths, Victor G.