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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The bill on conversion therapy : a position paperAgius, Emmanuel; Aquilina, Kevin; Bencini, Austin; Bonello, Giovanni; Delicata, Nadia; Galea, Paul; Grima, George
2014Bill on gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics : comments and concernsAgius, Emmanuel; Delicata, Nadia; Grima, George; Galea, Paul; Zammit, Raymond; Farrugia, Richard-Nazzareno; Borg, Anton
1992Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 43(2)]Zerafa, P.; Grima, George
1976Christ and conversion : H. Richard Niebuhr's thought between 1933 and 1937Grima, George
1985The constitution and religion in Malta between 1921 and 1974Grima, George
2015The decriminalisation of the public vilification of religion and of pornography : a position paperAgius, Emmanuel; Aquilina, Kevin; Bencini, Austin; Bonello, Giovanni; Delicata, Nadia; Grima, George; Farrugia, Richard-Nazzareno; Pace, Paul
2018Embryo Protection (Amendment) Bill : Bill no. 38 (2018) : matters of concern : reflections by academicsAgius, Emmanuel; Aquilina, Kevin; Grima, George; Attard Montalto, Simon; Scerri, Albert Paul; Sammut Scerri, Clarissa; Vella, Sue; Pulé, Sarah
2022Embryo Protection Act (Amendment) Bill no.5 : a position paperAgius, Emmanuel; Calleja, Carlo; Attard Montalto, Simon; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Aquilina, Kevin; Savona Ventura, Charles; Zammit, Raymond; Callus, Anne-Marie; Grima, George; Bianchi, Daniel; Gauci, Maria Victoria; Sultana, Mark; Schembri Wismayer, Pierre
2016The equality bill and religious freedom : a position paperAgius, Emmanuel; Abood, Stephanie; Aquilina, Kevin; Bencini, Austin; Bonello, Giovanni; Cuschieri, Roseanne; Delicata, Nadia; Grima, George; Mallia, Charles; Sammut, Ivan
2022Exhorting to forgiveGrima, George
1987Human rights in a theological perspectiveGrima, George
2017Immigrants at the gate of mercy and justiceGrima, George
2015Legislation regulating assisted human procreation : a position paperAgius, Emmanuel; Aquilina, Kevin; Attard, Grace; Attard Montalto, Simon; Bonello, Giovanni; Buttigieg, George G.; Camilleri, Astrid; Camilleri, Joe; Delicata, Nadia; Grima, George; Galea, Raymond; Galea, Paul; Mamo, John; Pace, Paul; Peregin, Joseanne; Sammut Scerri, Clarissa; Scerri, Albert Paul; Savona-Ventura, Charles; Schembri Wismayer, Pierre; Vella, Sue; Vella, Anna; Zammit, Raymond
1982Method in the social teaching of the churchGrima, George
1992Participation, property and work in Catholic social teachingGrima, George
2020Person-centered care from a relational ethics perspective for the delivery of high quality and safe healthcare : a scoping reviewTomaselli, Gianpaolo; Buttigieg, Sandra C.; Rosano, Aldo; Cassar, Maria; Grima, George
2015Position paper on the government’s consultation document on the proposal for legislation on organ and tissue donationAgius, Emmanuel; Mallia, Carmel; Grima, George; Zarb Adami, Joseph; Lauri, Mary Anne; Bugeja, Anthony; Farrugia, Richard-Nazzareno; Delicata, Nadia; Pace, Paul; Zammit, Raymond; Borg, Anton
1989The role of the Church in bioethicsGrima, George
1977Theology and social relevanceGrima, George
1980Vatican II and Puebla on church and politicsGrima, George