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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Attitudes and perceptions of radiologists towards online (virtual) oncologic multidisciplinary team meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic - a survey of the European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI)Bonanno, Nathania; Cioni, Dania; Caruso, Damiano; Cyran, Clemens C.; Dinkel, Julien; Fournier, Laure; Gourtsoyianni, Sofia; Hoffmann, Ralf-Thorsten; Laghi, Andrea; Martincich, Laura; Mayerhoefer, Marius E.; Zamboni, Giulia A.; Sala, Evis; Schlemmer, Heinz-Peter; Neri, Emanuele; D'Anastasi, Melvin
2021Involvement of radiologists in oncologic multidisciplinary team meetings : an international survey by the European Society of Oncologic ImagingNeri, Emanuele; Gabelloni, Michela; Bäuerle, Tobias; Beets-Tan, Regina; Caruso, Damiano; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Dinkel, Julien; Fournier, Laure S.; Gourtsoyianni, Sofia; Hoffmann, Ralf-Thorsten; Mayerhöfer, Marius Erik; Regge, Daniele; Schlemmer, Heinz Peter; Laghi, Andrea
2012Multimodality treatment for early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma : a bridging therapy for liver transplantationAshoori, Nima; Bamberg, Fabian; Paprottka, Philipp M.; Rentsch, Markus; Kolligs, Frank T.; Siegert, Sabine; Peporte, A.; Ali Al-Tubaikh, Jarrah; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Hoffmann, Ralf-Thorsten; Reiser, Maximilian F.; Jakobs, Tobias F.
2022Twenty years on : RECIST as a biomarker of response in solid tumours an EORTC Imaging Group - ESOI joint paperFournier, Laure; Geus-Oei, Lioe-Fee de; Regge, Daniele; Oprea-Lager, Daniela-Elena; D'Anastasi, Melvin; Bidaut, Luc; Bäuerle, Tobias; Lopci, Egesta; Cappello, Giovanni; Lecouvet, Frederic; Mayerhoefer, Marius; Kunz, Wolfgang G.; Verhoeff, Joost J. C.; Caruso, Damiano; Smits, Marion; Hoffmann, Ralf-Thorsten; Gourtsoyianni, Sofia; Beets-Tan, Regina; Neri, Emanuele; deSouza, Nandita M.; Deroose, Christophe M.; Caramella, Caroline