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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022"Ads are chasing me!" : Applying the advertising value model and the theory of planned behaviour to retargeted advertisementsDe Battista, Ivan; Curmi, Franco; Konietzny, Jirka
2018Corporate greed : its effect on customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation among bank customersCaruana, Albert; Vella, Joseph M.; Konietzny, Jirka; Chircop, Saviour
2019Corporate greed and its effect on customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation among customers : an abstractCaruana, Albert; Vella, Joseph M.; Konietzny, Jirka; Chircop, Saviour
2023Customer encounter satisfaction and narrative force : an investigation of user-generated content on TripAdvisorCassar, Mario; Konietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert
2021Drivers of recreational online gambling intentions : a UTAUT 2 perspective, enhancements, results, and implicationsKonietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert
2019The effect of narrative believability on persuasiveness and purchase intention : an abstractCassar, Mario L.; Caruana, Albert; Konietzny, Jirka; Chohan, Raeesah
2021Facts or story? The impact of website content on narrative believability and purchase intentionCassar, Mario L.; Caruana, Albert; Konietzny, Jirka
2019Fair and easy : the effect of perceived fairness, effort expectancy and user experience on online slot machine gambling intentionKonietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert
2018Fun and fair, and I don’t care : the role of enjoyment, fairness and subjective norms on online gambling intentionsKonietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert; Cassar, Mario L.
2017No risk, no fun : implications for positioning of online casinosKonietzny, Jirka
2024Online betting intentions : the effect of perceived fairness, navigational enjoyment and playing for fun or to beat the oddsKonietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert; Vella, Joseph M.
2021Online recreational gambling intention : the effect of subjective norms, spitefulness and genderKonietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert
2020Perspective-taking and cooperation in customer-supplier relationshipsCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour; Konietzny, Jirka
2018Positioning narratives of wine tourism websites : a lexical analysis across two different regionsCassar, Mario L.; Caruana, Albert; Konietzny, Jirka
2022Pro-ecological intentions : an investigation of drivers in MaltaKonietzny, Colette; Konietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert
2020The relevance of UTAUT and UTAUT 2 to online gambling intentions : an abstractKonietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert; Cassar, Mario L.; Vella, Joseph M.
2018Self-affirmation of narcissists on social media : a study proposing a new method of categorization on Facebook adsCassar, Mario L.; Dabirian, Amir; Diba, Hoda; Konietzny, Jirka
2022Self-perceptions of primary school students about their creativity and wellbeingMangion, Margaret; Konietzny, Jirka
2018The taste of ageing, a 26-year analysis of publications in the international journal of wine business research : an abstractRizk, Aya; Konietzny, Jirka; Cassar, Mario L.; Wong, Richard; Wallström, Åsa; Vella, Joseph M.
2020Wine and satisfaction with fine dining restaurants : an analysis of tourist experiences from user generated content on TripAdvisorCassar, Mario L.; Caruana, Albert; Konietzny, Jirka