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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The algorithmic lives we don’t lead [Book review]Kosciejew, Marc
2024Algorithms of education : how datafication and artificial intelligence shape policy [Book review]Kosciejew, Marc
2020Amaranth Borsuk : The book [Book review]Kosciejew, Marc
2017Auto-bibliography entry [Books review]Kosciejew, Marc
2018Book review : Capital, state, empire : the new American way of digital warfare by Scott TimckeKosciejew, Marc
2022Book review : Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein, Data feminismKosciejew, Marc
2019Book review : Documents that changed the way we liveKosciejew, Marc
2017Book review : How not to network a nation : the uneasy history of the Soviet internetKosciejew, Marc
2022Book review : Laura A. Macaluso (ed.), Monument culture : international perspectives on the future of monuments in a changing worldKosciejew, Marc
2021Book review : Lea Shaver, Ending book hunger : access to print and across barriers of class and cultureKosciejew, Marc
2022Christiano Bianchi and Kristina Drapić, Model city Pyongyang [Book review]Kosciejew, Marc
2021Citizenship. By Dimitry Kochenov [Book review]Kosciejew, Marc
2023Colonialism in global perspective [Book review]Kosciejew, Marc
2020The concept of natureculture document : a conceptual exploration of seeds, embodied information, and unconventional recordsKosciejew, Marc
2017A conceptual framework for understanding informationKosciejew, Marc
2019Considering a non-document : concepts, components, and contextsKosciejew, Marc
2009The constitutive effects of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games’ documentation in constructing the ‘new China’Kosciejew, Marc
2021The coronavirus pandemic, libraries and information : a thematic analysis of initial international responses to COVID-19Kosciejew, Marc
2022COVID-19 immunity (or vaccine) passports : a documentary overview and analysis of regimes of health verification within the coronavirus pandemicKosciejew, Marc
2010Crossing the digital rubicon : from print books to e-books and beyondKosciejew, Marc