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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015(2, 2)-colourings and clique-free σ-hypergraphsCaro, Yair; Lauri, Josef; Zarb, Christina
2021-05Anterior resection syndrome : contributing factors and its impact on quality of lifeBrincat, Svetlana Doris; Lauri, Josef; Cini, Charles
2011Are the typologies determined by the post-critical belief scale predicted well by the religious attitudes and behaviour of Maltese undergraduate students?Lauri, Mary Anne; Lauri, Josef; Borg, Joseph
2021Attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination, vaccine hesitancy and intention to take the vaccineCordina, Maria; Lauri, Mary A.; Lauri, Josef
2014Balanced centrality of networksDebono, Mark; Lauri, Josef; Sciriha, Irene
2012Career paths and personality in pharmacyCordina, Maria; Lauri, Mary Anne; Lauri, Josef
2000Cayley graphs, pseudosimilar edges, and line-graphsLauri, Josef
2011Choosing the pharmacy course : the need for guidance and counseling in preparation for higher educationLauri, Mary Anne; Cordina, Maria; Lauri, Josef; Mifsud, Dione
1987The class reconstruction number of maximal planar graphsHarary, Frank; Lauri, Josef
2015Constrained colouring and σ-hypergraphsCaro, Yair; Lauri, Josef; Zarb, Christina
2003Constructing graphs with several pseudosimilar vertices or edgesLauri, Josef
2019The construction of a smallest unstable asymmetric graph and a family of unstable asymmetric graphs with an arbitrarily high index of instabilityLauri, Josef; Mizzi, Russell; Scapellato, Raffaele
2016Constructive and analytic enumeration of circulant graphs with p 3 vertices; p = 3, 5Gatt, Victoria; Klin, Mikhail; Lauri, Josef; Liskovets, Valery
2015Degree monotone pathsCaro, Yair; Lauri, Josef; Zarb, Christina
2016Degree monotone paths and graph operationsCaro, Yair; Lauri, Josef; Zarb, Christina
1982Edge-reconstruction of 4-connected planar graphsFiorini, S.; Lauri, Josef
1979Edge-reconstruction of planar graphs with minimum valency 5Lauri, Josef
1993Endvertex-deleted subgraphsLauri, Josef
2018Equating two maximum degreesCaro, Yair; Lauri, Josef; Zarb, Christina
2023The feasibility problem for line graphsCaro, Yair; Lauri, Josef; Zarb, Christina