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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Are the typologies determined by the post-critical belief scale predicted well by the religious attitudes and behaviour of Maltese undergraduate students?Lauri, Mary Anne; Lauri, Josef; Borg, Joseph
2014Balanced centrality of networksDebono, Mark; Lauri, Josef; Sciriha, Irene
2012Career paths and personality in pharmacyCordina, Maria; Lauri, Mary Anne; Lauri, Josef
2011Choosing the pharmacy course : the need for guidance and counseling in preparation for higher educationLauri, Mary Anne; Cordina, Maria; Lauri, Josef; Mifsud, Dione
2019Florenskij and Georg Cantor : naming infinityLauri, Josef
2012Links between two semisymmetric graphs on 112 vertices via association schemesKlin, Mikhail; Lauri, Josef; Ziv-Av, Matan
2014Non-monochromatic non-rainbow colourings of σ-hypergraphsCaro, Yair; Lauri, Josef
2010Patient-oriented personality traits of first-year pharmacy studentsLauri, Mary Anne; Cordina, Maria; Lauri, Josef
2015Personality traits of pharmacy and medical students throughout their course of studiesCordina, Maria; Lauri, Mary Anne; Buttigieg, Raphael; Lauri, Josef
1988-06Platform : news and views : no. 1Lauri, Josef; Pirotta, Joseph; Killick, Jean
2012Polynomial reconstruction for certain subclasses of disconnected graphsCoates, Jane; Lauri, Josef; Sciriha, Irene
2019Preface : the second Malta conference in graph theory and combinatoricsSciriha, Irene; Lauri, Josef; Baptist Gauci, John; Borg, Peter
2005Social representations of organ donors and non‐donorsLauri, Mary Anne; Lauri, Josef
2009Social representations of religion of Maltese university studentsLauri, Mary Anne; Lauri, Josef; Duriez, Bart