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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970Accidental poisoning in children in MaltaVassallo Agius, Paul; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
2002Allergic conditions in 5–8-year-old Maltese schoolchildren : prevalence, severity, and associated risk factors [ISAAC]Montefort, Stephen; Agius Muscat, Hugo; Caruana, Simone; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
1992Asthma prophylaxisLenicker, Herbert Manfred
1998Asthma, rhinitis and eczema in Maltese 13-15 year-old schoolchildren - prevalence, severity and associated factors (ISAAC)Montefort, Stephen; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred; Caruna, S.; Agius Muscat, Hugo
1966Average birth weight in MaltaAgius, Edgar Augustine; Cachia, Emmanuel; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
1987Evaluation of suspected coeliac disease in Maltese children, 1983-1986Lenicker, Herbert Manfred; Parascandalo, Raymond; Camilleri, Michael
1973Hemorrhagic chickenpox in a rheumatic child on steroidsVassallo Agius, Paul; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred; Cachia, Emmanuel
1994Home nebulizer therapy in childrenVassallo Agius, Paul; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
2001Recognition of asthmatic symptoms in the pediatric age groupGrech, Victor E.; Agius Muscat, Hugo; Montefort, Stephen; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
1967Rheumatic fever in Maltese childrenCachia, Emmanuel; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
1984Risk factors for developing allergy in childrenTaushanov, Mihail; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
1994Screening of internationally adopted childrenLenicker, Herbert Manfred; Vassallo Agius, Paul; Portelli, Alfred V.; Dalmas, Miriam
1968Some aspects of the landry guillain barre strohl neuropathyCachia, Emmanuel; Vassallo, Luis A.; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred