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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976The administration of Gozo : 1335Luttrell, Anthony T.
1976Book reviewsSammut, Edward; Zammit Mangion, Joseph; Luttrell, Anthony T.; Azzopardi Vella, John; Fischer, Joachim; Lanfranco, Guido; Mangion, Giovanni
1979Book reviewsMallia-Milanes, Victor; Luttrell, Anthony T.; Mangion, Giovanni; Vella Bonvita, Roger; Galea Scannura, Charles
1978Book reviewsLuttrell, Anthony T.; Cremona, Antonino; Mangion, Giovanni; Azzopardi Vella, J.
1983Book reviewsGrima, Joseph Francis; Luttrell, Anthony T.
1974Book reviewsWettinger, Godfrey; Serracino-Inglott, Peter; Galea Scannura, Charles; A.B.; Cassar, Paul; Luttrell, Anthony T.
1977Book reviewsEllul, Michael; Mangion, Giovanni; Brincat, Joseph M. (Giuseppe); Wettinger, Godfrey; Zammit Mangion, Joseph; Luttrell, Anthony T.; Lanfranco, Edwin; Scerri, Louis J.; Mallia-Milanes, Victor; Buhagiar, Mario
1975Book reviewsBorg, Vincent; Mangion, Giovanni; Galea Scannura, Charles; Luttrell, Anthony T.; Cassar Pullicino, J.; Vella, Andrew P.
1981The cappella of Birkirkara: 1402Luttrell, Anthony T.
1987Christian slaves at Malta: 1271Luttrell, Anthony T.
1995Diaphragm arches and stone slab roofsFuguet, Joan; Luttrell, Anthony T.
1995The earliest documents on the Hospitalier corso at Rhodes : 1413 and 1416Luttrell, Anthony T.
1982Eighteenth-century Malta : prosperity and problemsLuttrell, Anthony T.
1962Emmanuele Piloti and criticism of the Knights Hospitallers of Rhodes : 1306-1444Luttrell, Anthony T.
1990The finds : (ii) coinsLuttrell, Anthony T.
1977Girolamo Manduca and Gian Francesco Abela: tradition and invention in Maltese historiographyLuttrell, Anthony T.
1990Historical and architectural postscriptLuttrell, Anthony T.
2003Hospitaller Birgu : 1530-1536Luttrell, Anthony T.
1972A hospitaller in a Florentine fresco : 1366/8Luttrell, Anthony T.
1967The Hospitallers' historical activities : 1400-1530Luttrell, Anthony T.