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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Are STEM students creative thinkers?Borg Preca, Christabel; Baldacchino, Leonie; Briguglio, Marie; Mangion, Margaret
2022Assessing creativity in secondary schools : a focus on the impact of an arts-based interventionBriguglio, Marie; Baldacchino, Leonie; Mangion, Margaret
2023Beyond ‘cold’ creative metacognition : toward a more integrated frameworkBeghetto, Ronald A.; Mangion, Margaret
2023Calling out for the possible! Is it our chance to make it right?Mangion, Margaret; Valquaresma, Andreia
2022Collecting data online from young students during a pandemic. Reflections.Mangion, Margaret
2022Creative cognitionMangion, Margaret
2022Edward de Bono's outstanding original contributionMangion, Margaret; Dingli, Sandra
2024Exploring possibility spaces : a framework for fostering creativity and imagination in primary school studentsMangion, Margaret; Valquaresma, Andreia
-Exploring the impact of an immersive method of instruction in higher educationMangion, Margaret; Curmi, Franco
2022Exploring the links between ethical leadership, creativity and the work environment in hospital wardsMangion, Margaret; Scicluna, Katrina
2022Factors influencing transfer of learning in the ICT sector. A conceptual frameworkMangion, Margaret
2022Fostering creativity as a 21st century skill through STEMBorg Preca, Christabel; Baldacchino, Leonie; Briguglio, Marie; Mangion, Margaret
2022-06-15Immersive learning as a pedagogical method in higher educationMangion, Margaret; Curmi, Franco
2022Inclusive entrepreneurship. New opportunitiesMangion, Margaret
2022Is-sondaġġi fil-ħajja tal-MaltinDepartment of Public Policy, University of Malta; Vassallo, Mario Thomas; Xuereb, Charles; Mangion, Margaret; Grima, Adrian; Said, Emanuel; Fsadni, Marika; Briguglio, Marie; Marmara, Vincent
2022Looking back on online data collection through mindful reflectionMangion, Margaret
2021Measuring creativity through divergent thinking tests: The nuts and bolts of data analysis.Mangion, Margaret; Baldacchino, Leonie; Briguglio, Marie
2021Mental health perceptions from artworkSammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann; Galea, Michael; Mangion, Margaret; Scerri, Josianne
2022The ‘Possible’. Enriching communities through thinkingMangion, Margaret
2023Ready or not the possible is here!Mangion, Margaret; Valquaresma, Andreia; Karwowski, Maciej; Mangion, Margaret