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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessing for spatial giftedness in dyslexic adolescentsMartinelli, Victor; Fenech, Deidre
2008B.Ed. (Hons.) Dissertation guidebookUniversity of Malta. Faculty of Education. B.Ed. (Hons.) Dissertation Committee; Caruana, Sandro; Darmanin, Mary; Farrugia, Charles J.; Galea, Simon; Gellel, Adrian-Mario; Martinelli, Victor; Piscopo, Suzanne; Pulé, Sarah; Said, Lara; Spiteri, Doreen; Vuuren-Cassar, Gemma van; Vella, Raphael; Axiak, Cettina
2020A bilingual perspective on the possible universality of phonological awareness skills across two languagesMartinelli, Victor; Brincat, Bernardette
2018-06Carmel Cefai and Paul Cooper (editors) : Mental health promotion in schools : cross-cultural narratives and perspectives [book review]Martinelli, Victor
2018Common beliefs and research evidence about dyslexic students’ specific skills : is it time to reassess some of the evidence?Martinelli, Victor; Camilleri, Doriella; Fenech, Deidre
2016Creative giftedness and dyslexiaMartinelli, Victor; Camilleri, Doriella
2012Dyslexia : advances and future directions in the Maltese educational contextFirman, Christine; Martinelli, Victor
2015Dyslexia and creativity in Maltese male adolescentsMartinelli, Victor; Schembri, Josef
2017-03Dyslexia and enhanced visuospatial ability : a Maltese studyMartinelli, Victor; Fenech, Deidre
2015Dyslexia and visuospatial ability in Maltese male adolescentsMartinelli, Victor; Schembri, Josef
2014Dyslexia, spatial awareness and creativity in adolescent boysMartinelli, Victor; Schembri, Josef
1996Early metalinguistic abilities and subsequent reading and spelling achievements of Maltese childrenMartinelli, Victor
2019Evaluation of a classroom anxiety scale for secondary-school studentsRaykov, Milosh; Martinelli, Victor
2022Evaluation of an adapted version of the screen for child anxiety related emotional disorders for secondary school studentsMartinelli, Victor; Gatt, Cristina
2021Evaluation of the Georgia Elementary School Climate Survey for elementary school childrenMartinelli, Victor; Raykov, Milosh
2017-05Evaluation of the revised two-factor study process questionnaire (R-SPQ-2F) for student-teacher approaches to learningMartinelli, Victor; Raykov, Milosh
2021-12Foreign language classroom anxiety levels of dyslexic and average readers : a comparative studyMartinelli, Victor; Saliba, Alexia
1998The inclusive education programme in Maltese schools - an independent evaluationBorg, Mark G.; Borg, George; Martinelli, Victor
2013Malta Review of Educational Research [Editorial]Martinelli, Victor; Calleja Ragonesi, Isabelle
2021A multinational study exploring adolescent perception of school climate and mental healthLa Salle, Tamika P.; Rocha-Neves, Jesslynn; Jimerson, Shane; Di Sano, Sergio; Martinsone, Baiba; Albertova, Silvia Majercakova; Gajdošová, Eva; Baye, Ariane; Deltour, Caroline; Martinelli, Victor; Raykov, Milosh; Hatzichristou, Chryse; Palikara, Olympia; Szabo, Éva; Arlauskaite, Zydre; Athanasiou, Danai; Brown-Earle, Orlean; Casale, Gino; Lampropoulou, Aikaterini; Mikhailova, Aleksandra; Pinskaya, Marina; Zvyagintsev, Roman