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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The aetiology of ectopic maxillary canine teethMcDonald, Fraser; Scerri, Christian; Camilleri, Simon
2004Biocompatibility of two commercial forms of mineral trioxide aggregateCamilleri, Josette; Montesin, Franco E.; Papaioannou, Stelios; McDonald, Fraser; Pitt Ford, Thomas R.
2016Comparison of the dental anomalies found in maxillary canine-first premolar transposition cases with those in palatally displaced canine casesSultana Scerri, Erica; McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2016Dental age assessment of Maltese children and adolescents : development of a reference dataset and comparison with a United Kingdom caucasian reference datasetElshehawi, Waleed; Alsaffar, Hani; Roberts, Graham; Lucas, Victoria; McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2017Dental age estimation of children and adolescents : validation of the Maltese reference data setAlsaffar, Hani; Elshehawi, Waleed; Roberts, Graham; Lucas, Victoria; McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2015Dental anomalies in first-degree relatives of transposed canine probandsBartolo, Adriana; Calleja, Neville; McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2010Dentistry : is there a need for international collaboration?McDonald, Fraser; Camilleri, Simon
2008Ectopic Maxillary Canines : segregation analysis and a twin studyCamilleri, Simon; Lewis, Catherine M.; McDonald, Fraser
2010Methylation status of the Runx2 p2 promoter in a family with ectopic maxillary caninesCamilleri, Simon; Scerri, Christian; McDonald, Fraser
2006Runx2 and dental developmentCamilleri, Simon; McDonald, Fraser
1993Static magnetic field effects on the sagittal suture in Rattus NorvegicusCamilleri, Simon; McDonald, Fraser