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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Conclusions of the EPICC journey and future directionsBoughey, Adam; McSherry, Wilfred; Ross, Linda; Giske, Tove; Attard, Josephine; van Leeuwen, René; Kleiven, Tormod
2008Definition of spiritualityMcSherry, Wilfred
2021The development of a consensus-based spiritual care education standard for undergraduate nursing and midwifery students : an educational mixed methods studyvan Leeuwen, René; Attard, Josephine; Ross, Linda; Boughey, Adam; Giske, Tove; Kleiven, Tormod; McSherry, Wilfred
2022Development of a spiritual care education matrix : factors facilitating/hindering improvement of spiritual care competency in student nurses and midwivesRoss, Linda; Giske, Tove; Boughey, Adam; van Leeuwen, Rene; Attard, Josephine; Kleiven, Tormod; McSherry, Wilfred
2021Enhancing nurses’ and midwives’ competence in providing spiritual care through innovative education and compassionate careMcSherry, Wilfred; Boughey, Adam; Attard, Josephine
2021The EPICC project : inception, origins and outputsMcSherry, Wilfred; Boughey, Adam; Attard, Josephine
2019The EPICC Spiritual Care Education Standard, matrix and toolkitVan Leeuwen, René; Attard, Josephine; Tormod, K.; McSherry, Wilfred; Ross, Linda; Giske, Tove
2020Preparing undergraduate nurses and midwives for spiritual care : some developments in European education over the last decadeMcSherry, Wilfred; Ross, Linda; Attard, Josephine; van Leeuwen, René; Giske, Tove; Kleiven, Tormod; Boughey, Adam; EPICC Network