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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009D2 receptor blockade by risperidone correlates with attention deficits in late-life schizophreniaUchida, Hiroyuki; Rajji, Tarek K.; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Kapur, Shitij; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Menon, Mahesh; Mamo, David
2012Delineating the functional neuroanatomy of illness denial or anosognosia in schizophreniaGerretsen, Philip; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mamo, David; Pollock, Bruce G.; Menon, Mahesh
2014Estimating endogenous dopamine levels at D2 and D3 receptors in humans using the agonist radiotracer [11C]-(+)-PHNOCaravaggio, Fernando; Nakajima, Shinichiro; Borlido, Carol; Remington, Gary; Gerretsen, Philip; Wilson, Alan; Houle, Sylvain; Menon, Mahesh; Mamo, David; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2011Exploring the neural correlates of delusions of referenceMenon, Mahesh; Schmitz, Taylor W.; Anderson, Adam K.; Graff, Ariel; Korostil, Michele; Mamo, David; Gerretsen, Philip; Addington, Jean; Remington, Gary; Kapur, Shitij
2013Frontotemporoparietal asymmetry and lack of illness awareness in schizophreniaGerretsen, Philip; Chakravarty, M. Mallar; Mamo, David; Menon, Mahesh; Pollock, Bruce G.; Rajji, Tarek K.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2015Illness denial in schizophrenia spectrum disorders : a function of left hemisphere dominanceGerretsen, Philip; Menon, Mahesh; Chakravarty, M. Mallar; Lerch, Jason P.; Mamo, David; Remington, Gary; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2014Impaired insight into illness and cognitive insight in schizophrenia spectrum disorders : resting state functional connectivityGerretsen, Philip; Menon, Mahesh; Mamo, David; Fervaha, Gagan; Remington, Gary; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2010Is desire for social relationships mediated by the serotonergic system in the prefrontal cortex? An [18F] setoperone PET studyGerretsen, Philip; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Menon, Mahesh; Pollock, Bruce G.; Kapur, Shitij; Vasdev, Neil; Houle, Sylvain; Mamo, David
2011Transient insight induction with electroconvulsive therapy in a patient with refractory schizophrenia : a case report and systematic literature reviewGerretsen, Philip; Diaz, Pablo; Mamo, David; Kavanagh, Doug; Menon, Mahesh; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2014The VAGUS insight into psychosis scale-self-report and clinician-rated versionsGerretsen, Philip; Remington, Gary; Borlido, Carol; Quilty, Lena; Hassan, Sabrina; Polsinelli, Gina; Teo, Celine; Mar, Wanna; Simon, Regina; Menon, Mahesh; Pothier, David D.; Nakajima, Shinichiro; Caravaggio, Fernando; Mamo, David; Rajji, Tarek K.; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Deluca, Vincenzo; Ganguli, Rohan; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel