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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of the agricultural land market in selected poviats of the West Pomeranian VoivodeshipMickiewicz, Bartosz; Zaremba, Anetta; Bera, Milena
2020Analysis of the interdependence between the economic growth and the development of the railway sectorMyszczyszyn, Janusz; Mickiewicz, Bartosz
2021Barriers to the development of green economy in rural areas of selected districts of the greater Poland provinceMickiewicz, Bartosz; Jurczak, Robert
2021Changes in the milk market in the United States on the background of the European Union and the worldBórawski, Piotr; Kalinowska, Beata; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Parzonko, Andrzej; Klepacki, Bogdan; Dunn, James Willam
2020The chosen socio-economic problems of protecting valuable agricultural land in Natura 2000 areas in PolandBrodzińska, Katarzyna; Gotkiewicz, Wojciech; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Pawlewicz, Adam
2020The chosen socio-economic problems of protecting valuable agricultural land in natura 2000 areas in PolandBrodzinska, Katarzyna; Gotkiewicz, Wojciech; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Pawlewicz, Adam
2022Current status and trends of sustainable development of the agro-food sector potentialMickiewicz, Bartosz; Efimenko, Antonina; Volkova, Ekaterina
2021Economic and environmental aspects of industrial fishery in the Baltic seaBrocki, Wojciech; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Gotkiewicz, Wojciech
2021The economic function of land use and its selected ecosystem servicesMickiewicz, Bartosz; Zaremba, Aneta; Bera, Milena
2020Economic sustainability of dairy farms in the EUBorawski, Piotr; Pawlewicz, Adam; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Pawlewicz, Katarzyna; Bełdycka-Borawska, Aneta; Holden, Lisa; Brelik, Agnieszka
2021Employee‘s satisfaction within the context of an organization’s development : study resultsZajdel, Małgorzata; Michalcewicz-Kaniowska, Małgorzata; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Toader, Cosmina
2020Energy production and consumption in the European Union - assessment of changes in the aspects of sustainability and the energy self-sufficiencyDacko, Mariusz; Paluch, Lukasz; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Mickiewicz, Pawel; Nowak, Maciej
2021The gender polarization of education and employment in the European Union countries (in 2005-2019) : practical implicationsMichalcewicz-Kaniowska, Małgorzata; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Murawska, Anna; Odlanicka-Poczobutt, Monika; Zajdel, Małgorzata
2021General determinants and directions of development for the utilisation of renewable energy sources in the West Pomerania provinceMalkowski, Arkadiusz; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Malkowska, Agnieszka
2022The global market for potato and potato products in the current and forecast periodMickiewicz, Bartosz; Volkova, Ekaterina; Jurczak, Robert
2021Innovative development of the food sector in the republic of Belarus and Poland : status and current development trendsMickiewicz, Bartosz; Antonina, Efimenko; Ekaterina, Volkova
2019Long-term correlations between the development of rail transport and the economic growth of the German Reich (1872-1913)Myszczyszyn, Janusz; Mickiewicz, Bartosz
2022Mechanism and methodological foundations of sustainable development of agribusinessMickiewicz, Bartosz; Volkava, Katsiaryna
2022Modern trends of sustainable development in the sugar marketMickiewicz, Bartosz; Britchenko, Igor
2020Religious tourism as a development factor for peripheral areas : the case of the Polish-Czech borderMalkowski, Arkadiusz; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Malkowska, Agnieszka