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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The actors that shape the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of Maltese youthMifsud, Mark C.
2018An analysis on the effectiveness of the lifelong learning through nature programmeMifsud, Mark C.; Chisholm, Hannah
2021Balancing sustainable livelihoods and conservation in the marine environmentMifsud, Mark C.
2010Case study : gender equality in MaltaMifsud, Mark C.
2023The central role of climate action in achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goalsFilho, Walter Leal; Wall, Tony; Lange Salvia, Amanda; Pimenta Dinis, Maria Alzira; Mifsud, Mark C.
2019Climate change education for universities : a conceptual framework from an international studyMolthan-Hill, Petra; Worsfold, Nicholas; Nagy, Gustavo J.; Leal Filho, Walter; Mifsud, Mark C.
2019Climate change scepticism at universities : a global studyLeal Filho, Walter; Mifsud, Mark C.; Molthan-Hill, Petra; Nagy, Gustavo J.; Veiga Ávila, Lucas; Lange Salvia, Amanda
2021COVID-19 : the impact of a global crisis on sustainable development teachingLeal Filho, Walter; Price, Elizabeth; Wall, Tony; Shiel, Chris; Azeiteiro, Ulisses M.; Mifsud, Mark C.; Brandli, Luciana; Farinha, Carla Sofia; Caeiro, Sandra; Lange Salvia, Amanda; Ruy Vasconcelos, Claudio; Olim de Sousa, Luiza; Pace, Paul J.; Doni, Federica; Veiga Avila, Lucas; Fritzen, Bárbara; LeVasseur, Todd Jared
1996The cry of MunxarMifsud, Mark C.
2015The development and evaluation of a sustainable tourism module addressed to student hotel managersMifsud, Mark C.
2017The development and evaluation of an environmental awareness course addressed to student tourist guides in the Maltese IslandsMifsud, Mark C.
2017Education for sustainable development and meat consumption among inhabitants of two Maltese districts - a qualitative studyMifsud, Mark C.; Spiteri, Loraine
1993Educational resources in state secondary schools and Junior Lyceums : (management, organisation and attitudes)Mifsud, Mark C.
2022EduChange methodologyBonello, Charles; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Mifsud, Mark C.; Musumeci, Martin; Pace, Paul J.; van Gorp, Bouke; Palings, Hans; Favier, Favier; Ketil Rød, Jan; Cyvin, Jardar; Bonnevie Cyvin, Jakob; Midtaune, Kristiane; Medová, Nikola; Daněk, Tomáš; Pászto, Vít; Pánek, Jiří
2022The effectiveness of the EduChange project in developing knowledge, values and attitudes about climate changeMifsud, Mark C.; Pace, Paul J.
2009Empowering citizens to participate in environmental decision makingMifsud, Mark C.
2018Engaging families in sustainable development through sustainability walksMifsud, Mark C.; Cassar, Clinton; Cordina, Lyn; Grixti, Bernard; Spiteri, Loraine; Zahra, Amanda
2012Environmental education development in Malta : a contextual study of the events that have shaped the development of environmental education in MaltaMifsud, Mark C.
2007Environmental issues in the Maltese IslandsMifsud, Mark C.
2022The ESD imperativeCentre for Environmental Education and Research; Sammut, Carmen; Mifsud, Mark C.; Pace, Paul J.; Caruana, Ċensu; Caruana, Cynthia; Galea, Patrick