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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Accompanying along the way : the experience of business education mentoring in MaltaMizzi, Emanuel
2023Conceptualizing powerful knowledge in economicsMizzi, Emanuel
2022The cooperative learning jigsaw techniqueMizzi, Emanuel
2007Creating inclusive environments : a supportive learning climate for children at the Society of Christian Doctrine in MaltaMizzi, Emanuel; Bartolo, Paul A.
2022Critical realism : an alternative conceptual framework for framing economic problemsMizzi, Emanuel
2021Cultivating financial literacy through secondary school economics education : access to powerful knowledgeMizzi, Emanuel
2019Curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in the Maltese secondary school economics classroomMizzi, Emanuel
2018Educators’ attitudes at an informal learning environment in the society of Christian doctrine in Malta : insights for teacher educationMizzi, Emanuel
2023Enacting teaching and learning in the economics classroom : powerful pedagogyMizzi, Emanuel
1995The enneagram personality theory and the patterns of teacher behaviourMizzi, Emanuel
2021Financial literacy and powerful knowledge : teachers’ perspectivesMizzi, Emanuel
2023Infusing sustainability in secondary school economics educationMizzi, Emanuel
2021Infusing sustainability in the teaching of economicsMizzi, Emanuel
2023Innovative teaching and learning in the business education subjects : pedagogical content knowledgeMizzi, Emanuel
2023International President 2023 – 2025 : Emanuel MizziMizzi, Emanuel
2023International President´s message : enhancing our international collaborationMizzi, Emanuel
2023PCK in the secondary school economics classroomMizzi, Emanuel
2023Perceiving economic issues through a critical realist lensMizzi, Emanuel
2019Powerful knowledge and pedagogy in the Maltese economics secondary schoolMizzi, Emanuel
2022Powerful knowledge and pedagogy in the Maltese secondary school economics classroomMizzi, Emanuel