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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000√2 and Eulerian primesMuscat, Joseph
2017Alternative fiscal measures in commercial refuse collection (packaging waste)Muscat, Joseph
2012The analytic common spatial patterns method for EEG-based BCI dataFalzon, Owen; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Muscat, Joseph
2012The battle standard (flag) with the image of the Immaculate ConceptionMercieca, Simon; Muscat, Joseph
1996Book reviewMuscat, Joseph
1995The building of a Maltese galleyMuscat, Joseph
2000The carrack of the OrderMuscat, Joseph
2013The Christmas bambini tradition in MaltaMercieca, Simon; Muscat, Joseph
2011Common spatial patterns using analytic signals for EEG-based BCIsFalzon, Owen; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Muscat, Joseph
2012Complex-valued spatial filters for SSVEP-based BCIs with phase codingFalzon, Owen; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Muscat, Joseph
2010Complex-valued spatial filters for task discriminationFalzon, Owen; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Muscat, Joseph
2006Connective spacesBuhagiar, David; Muscat, Joseph
2002Food and drink on Maltese galleysMuscat, Joseph
2014Functional analysis : an introduction to metric spaces, Hilbert spaces, and Banach algebrasMuscat, Joseph
2005The galleon of the OrderMuscat, Joseph
2006Galley construction in MaltaMuscat, Joseph
2006Galley slaves at workMuscat, Joseph
2003The gilded felucca and Maltese boatbuilding techniquesMuscat, Joseph
1994The Gozo prisons graffitiMuscat, Joseph; Cassar, JoAnn
2000Graffit ta’ mirkeb tal-baħar f’Palazzo Palina Ta’ Ċenċ - SannatMuscat, Joseph