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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Assessing school-based material and non-written workBriffa, Charles; Farrugia, Josette; Musumeci, Martin
2022Assessment and ESD – which way forward?Bonello, Charles; Musumeci, Martin
2011Assessment and the opportunity to learn – a Maltese perspectiveMazzacano D’Amato, Edward; Musumeci, Martin; Pirotta, Dario; Pollacco, Sean
2006Characterization of Maltese pottery of the Late Neolithic, Bronze Age and Punic Period by neutron activation analysisMommsen, Hans; Bonanno, Anthony; Chetcuti Bonavita, Kristian; Kakoulli, Ioanna; Musumeci, Martin; Sagona, Claudia; Schwedt, Alexander; Vella, Nicholas C.; Zacharias, N.; Maggetti, Marino; Messiga, Bruno
2013Choice and performance in the science subjects : trends in MaltaMusumeci, Martin; Pirotta, Dario
2018Choice in the science subjects : trends in MaltaMusumeci, Martin
2015The ‘currency’ of coursework in national examinations : SEC physics as a case studyPirotta, Dario; Musumeci, Martin
2022Do SEC level physics, mathematics and English language prepare students for advanced-level physics?Cutajar, Nicola; Musumeci, Martin
2022EduChange methodologyBonello, Charles; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Mifsud, Mark C.; Musumeci, Martin; Pace, Paul J.; van Gorp, Bouke; Palings, Hans; Favier, Favier; Ketil Rød, Jan; Cyvin, Jardar; Bonnevie Cyvin, Jakob; Midtaune, Kristiane; Medová, Nikola; Daněk, Tomáš; Pászto, Vít; Pánek, Jiří
2021The effect of a number of sec subjects on A-level physics in MaltaCutajar, Nicola; Musumeci, Martin
2021The effectiveness of physics lab reports and practical tests as assessment tools of practical skillsCini, Rodrick; Musumeci, Martin
1997Electroreduction of dialkyl peroxides. Activation-driving force relationships and bond dissociation free energiesAntonello, Sabrina; Musumeci, Martin; Wayner, Danial D. M.; Maran, Flavio
2018ForewordChetcuti, Deborah A.; Buhagiar, Michael A.; Musumeci, Martin
2018Frank Ventura : reaching for the stars with a passion for science and educationChetcuti, Deborah A.; Buhagiar, Michael A.; Musumeci, Martin
2017The influence of age, gender and subject choice on logical and lateral thinking skills in science students at secondary levelCassar, Julie Anne; Musumeci, Martin
2018Linking astronomy and culture : from stars and the universe to temples and sundialsMusumeci, Martin
2006The local examination system : what does it tell us about the number of students sitting for science subjects?Farrugia, Josette; Musumeci, Martin
2022Maltese post-secondary lecturers’ views on the nature of sciencePace, Rachel; Musumeci, Martin
2008Prediction of linear dimensional change on unrestricted wood at different levels of equilibrium moisture contentFormosa, Michael; Musumeci, Martin
2012Primary science teaching in Malta : a studyVassallo, Claire; Musumeci, Martin