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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03An analysis of Enemalta corporation’s hedging activity during 2014National Audit Office
2015-02An analysis of types of errors in public procurement within the structural funds programmesNational Audit Office
2015-05Audit of Gozo Channel company limited : public service obligation bid feasibility and operational considerationsNational Audit Office
2015-06A comparison of crude oil prices and electricity tariff band structuresNational Audit Office
2015-07Information technology audit : Housing AuthorityNational Audit Office
2016-05Information technology audit : Mater Dei HospitalNational Audit Office
2015-11An investigation into the issuance of encroachment permits between December 2012 and March 2013National Audit Office
2015-02An Investigation of Government’s acquisition of the Café PremierNational Audit Office
2016-01An investigation of government’s expropriation of two one-fourth undivided shares of the property at 36 Old Mint Street, VallettaNational Audit Office
2016-07An investigation of local councils funding schemes launched between 2008 and 2013National Audit Office
2015-10An investigation of matters relating to the emphyteutical agreement between government and the General Workers UnionNational Audit Office
2016-07An investigation of the 2015 local councils’ capital projects fundNational Audit Office
2016-04Performance audit : an analysis on OHSA’s operations : a case study on the construction industryNational Audit Office
2016-06Performance audit : the general practitioner function : the core of primary health careNational Audit Office
2016-02Performance audit : agreements between government and Conservatorio Vincenzo Bugeja on Jeanne Antide and Fejda HomesNational Audit Office
2015-06Performance audit : class size in state primary schoolsNational Audit Office
2015-04Performance audit : provision of residential long-term care (LTC) for the elderly through contractual arrangements with the private sectorNational Audit Office
2016-02Performance audit : service agreements between Government and INSPIRE FoundationNational Audit Office
2015-07Performance audit : tackling domestic violenceNational Audit Office
2015Report by the auditor general : public accounts 2014National Audit Office