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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Biomonitoring of heavy metal pollution in MaltaPace, Lisa A.
2023Bridging knowledge gaps towards 2030 : the use of foresight for the strategic management of a sustainable blue economyPace, Lisa A.; Borch, Kristian; Deidun, Alan
2024Defining attributes of boutique hotels : a systematic literature reviewBuhagiar, Kristina; Pace, Lisa A.; Dingli, Sandra M.
2020Designing foresight for smart specialisation in the blue economyPace, Lisa A.; Drago, Aldo
2020Eco-innovation in Malta : EIO country profile 2018-2019Pace, Lisa A.
2018Enhancing the relevance of horizon scanning within the scenario building process : a proposed frameworkPace, Lisa A.
2010ERAWATCH analytical country report 2010 – MaltaPace, Lisa A.
2009ERAWATCH country report 2009 : analysis of policy mixes to foster R&D investment and to contribute to the ERA, MaltaPace, Lisa A.
2013ERAWATCH country reports 2011 : MaltaPace, Lisa A.
2023Exploring future research and innovation directions for a sustainable blue economyPace, Lisa A.; Saritas, Ozcan; Deidun, Alan
2014How do firms organize for sustainable energy consumption? An investigation of the Maltese hotel sectorPace, Lisa A.
2014How do tourism firms innovate for sustainable energy consumption? A capabilities perspective on the adoption of energy efficiency in tourism accommodation establishmentsPace, Lisa A.
2019The influence of KIBS-client interactions on absorptive capacity-building for environmental innovationPace, Lisa A.; Miles, Ian
2022Innovation processes and information technologies : a study of boutique hotels in Valletta, MaltaBuhagiar, Kristina; Pace, Lisa A.; Dingli, Sandra M.
2006Malta’s marine sector 2020Pace, Lisa A.
2016Prices and costs of EU energy annex 1 : country descriptionsBourgault, Charles; Bons, Marian; Breitschopf, Barbara; Buzharovski, Stefan; Csanak, Gabor; Friedrichsen, Nele; Grave, Katharina; Ivan, Valentina; Janeiro, Luis; Karas, Jaakko; Nierop, Sam; Novák, Jan; Ordonez, Jose; Pace, Lisa A.; Petrikova, Kristina; Robić, Slavica; Rošā, Marika; Biedris, Artürs; Ščasný, Milan; Schult, Henrik; Śmietanka, Adam; Uiga, Jaanus; Vakarinaite, Migle; Brink, Lidewij van den; Wong, Lindee
2019The role of firms in green innovationPace, Lisa A.
2021Service innovation : a knowledge-based approachBuhagiar, Kristina; Pace, Lisa A.; Dingli, Sandra
2023Understanding the determinants of innovation across European member states : a fuzzy-set approachFabri, Stephanie; Pace, Lisa A.; Cassar, Vincent; Bezzina, Frank