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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Adult education in small states : the case of MaltaMayo, Peter; Pace, Paul J.; Zammit, Edward
1998-04Attard primary school : a living example of a grassroots initiated school development strategyPace, Paul J.
2002Challenges to environmental education in the 21st centuryLeal Filho, Walter; Pace, Paul J.
2008Construction and validation of textbook analysis grids for ecology and environmental educationCaravita, Silvia; Valente, Adriana; Pace, Paul J.; Valanides, Nicos; Khalil, Iman; Berthou, Guillemette; Kozan-Naumescu, Adrienne; Clement, Pierre
2010The contribution of education towards meeting the challenges of climate changeLeal Filho, Walter; Pace, Paul J.; Manolas, Evangelos
2021COVID-19 : the impact of a global crisis on sustainable development teachingLeal Filho, Walter; Price, Elizabeth; Wall, Tony; Shiel, Chris; Azeiteiro, Ulisses M.; Mifsud, Mark C.; Brandli, Luciana; Farinha, Carla Sofia; Caeiro, Sandra; Lange Salvia, Amanda; Ruy Vasconcelos, Claudio; Olim de Sousa, Luiza; Pace, Paul J.; Doni, Federica; Veiga Avila, Lucas; Fritzen, Bárbara; LeVasseur, Todd Jared
2021Education for environmental sustainability : policies and approaches in European Union Member States : executive summaryMulvik, Iselin; Pribuisis, Kristupas; Siarova, Hanna; Vezikauskaite, Juste; Sabaliauskas, Eigirdas; Tasiopoulou, Evita; Gras-Velazquez, Agueda; Bajorinaite, Martyna; Billon, Noelle; Fronza, Verdiana; Disterheft, Antje; Finlayson, Ann; Pace, Paul J.
2004Education for integrated rural development : transformative learning in a complex and uncertain worldWals, Arjen E. J.; Caporali, Fabio; Pace, Paul J.; Slee, Bill; Sriskandarajah, Nadarajah; Warren, Martyn
2009Education for sustainable development : current discourses and practices and their relevance to technology educationLeal Filho, Walter; Manolas, Evangelos; Pace, Paul J.
2010Education for sustainable development : current fad or renewed commitment to actionPace, Paul J.
2016Education for sustainable development at higher education institutions : a critiquePace, Paul J.
2017Education for sustainable development in early childhood education : children’s discourses about water consumptionGonzalez, Adriana Burciaga; Pace, Paul J.
2003-12Education for sustainable development in MaltaBriguglio, Lino; Pace, Paul J.
2022EduChange methodologyBonello, Charles; Baldacchino, Godfrey; Mifsud, Mark C.; Musumeci, Martin; Pace, Paul J.; van Gorp, Bouke; Palings, Hans; Favier, Favier; Ketil Rød, Jan; Cyvin, Jardar; Bonnevie Cyvin, Jakob; Midtaune, Kristiane; Medová, Nikola; Daněk, Tomáš; Pászto, Vít; Pánek, Jiří
2022The effectiveness of the EduChange project in developing knowledge, values and attitudes about climate changeMifsud, Mark C.; Pace, Paul J.
2007Empowering citizens through education for sustainable developmentPace, Paul J.
2002Environmental educationPace, Paul J.
2006Environmental education : empowering citizens for sustainabilityPace, Paul J.
2003Environmental education : providing a context for a meaningful science educationPace, Paul J.
1994Environmental education across the curriculumPace, Paul J.; Ventura, Frank