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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008B.Ed. (Hons.) Dissertation guidebookUniversity of Malta. Faculty of Education. B.Ed. (Hons.) Dissertation Committee; Caruana, Sandro; Darmanin, Mary; Farrugia, Charles J.; Galea, Simon; Gellel, Adrian-Mario; Martinelli, Victor; Piscopo, Suzanne; Pulé, Sarah; Said, Lara; Spiteri, Doreen; Vuuren-Cassar, Gemma van; Vella, Raphael; Axiak, Cettina
2014Comic strips for electrical and electronic engineering - a novel genrePulé, Sarah
2019Curriculum components of technology education within the Maltese National minimum curriculum from year 1999 to 2016Pulé, Sarah
2005Design and implementation of real-time neural control systemsPulé, Sarah
2018Embryo Protection (Amendment) Bill : Bill no. 38 (2018) : matters of concern : reflections by academicsAgius, Emmanuel; Aquilina, Kevin; Grima, George; Attard Montalto, Simon; Scerri, Albert Paul; Sammut Scerri, Clarissa; Vella, Sue; Pulé, Sarah
2024A holistic conceptual framework to assess the impact of augmented reality on the learners' emotion and cognitive learningCamilleri, Christian; Farrugia, Lawrence; Pulé, Sarah; Mora Luis, Carlos Efrén
2019Introducing middle school children to compulsory D&T : does it influence their choice of subject later on? A case study of Maltese state secondary schools.Stellini, Marilyn; Pulé, Sarah
2022Investigating the relationship between gender and subject attainment : influencing further study of technology subjects in MaltaStellini, Marilyn; Pulé, Sarah
2017Mixed media modelling of technological concepts in electricityPulé, Sarah
2014Mixed media modelling of technological concepts in electricity : methods for supporting learning stylesPulé, Sarah
2019PATT 37 : Developing a knowledge economy through technology and engineering educationPulé, Sarah; Vries, Marc J. de
2021Pupils’ emotional experience in human-technology interactionsFarrugia, Lawrence; Pulé, Sarah
2019A quantitative analysis of Maltese educational pathways and their impact on the take-up of the engineering professionAzzopardi, Marc Anthony; Zammit, Brian; Micallef, Daniel; Buhagiar, Daniel; Borg Inguanez, Monique; Sammut, Fiona; Pace Kiomall, Alexia; Cachia, Mario; Pulé, Sarah
2021Spatial cognitive processes involved in electronic circuit interpretation and translation : their use as powerful pedagogical tools within an education scenarioPulé, Sarah; Attard, Jean-Paul
2012Students' versatility with resistor-capacitor circuitsPulé, Sarah
2015Visions for technology education in Malta, brief history and current issuesNavarro, Carmel; Pulé, Sarah