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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Adult and fetal hemoglobin production in erythroid colonies from subjects with β-thalassemia or with hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin (HPFH)Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan; Reese, A. L.; Gravely, Marsha E.; Wilson, Jerry B.; Webber, Brooke B.; Felice, Alex
1985(Aγδβ)ο-Thalassaemia in Blacks is due to a deletion of 34 kbp of DNAHenthorn, P. S.; Smithies, O.; Nakatsuji, T.; Felice, Alex; Gardiner, M. B.; Reese, A. L.; Huisman, T. H. J.
1989Hb Evans or α262 (E11) Val→ Metβ2 ; an unstable hemoglobin causing a mild hemolytic anemiaWilson, Jerry B.; Webber, Brooke B.; Kutlar, Abdullah; Reese, A. L.; McKie, Virgil C.; Lutcher, Charles Lawrence; Felice, Alex; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1978Hb Nottingham (α;2β;2 (FG5) 98 VAL→GLY) in a Caucasian male : clinical and biosynthetic studiesOrringer, Eugene P.; Felice, Alex; Reese, A. L.; Wilson, Jerry B.; Lam, H. L.; Gravely, Marsha E.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1979Hb P-Nilotic in association with βo-thalassemia : cis-mutation of a hemoglobin βa chain regulatory determinant?Abu-sin, Ahmed; Felice, Alex; Gravely, M. E.; Wilson, J. B.; Reese, A. L.; Lam, H.; Miller, A.; Huisman, T. H. J.
1983Hemoglobin production on stimulation of K562 human pluripotent leukemia cellsFelice, Alex; Mayson, S. M.; Reese, A. L.; Huisman, T. H. J.
1982Identification and quantitation of embryonic and three types of fetal hemoglobin produced on induction of the human pluripotent leukemia cell line K‐562 with heminFuhr, Josephy E.; Bamberger, Elena G.; Lozzio, Carmen B.; Lozzio, Bismarck B.; Felice, Alex; Altay, Gultekin; Webber, Brooke B.; Reese, A. L.; Mayson, Sylvia M.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1980In vitro synthesis of hemoglobin in BFU-e derived colonies of persons with an α or a β-ThalassemiaFelice, Alex; Altay, C. A.; Reese, A. L.; Webber, B.; Huisman, T. H. J.