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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Adjunctive versus monotherapeutic treatment for schizophrenia : addressing antipsychotic side effectsHazra, Monica; Mamo, David; Remington, Gary
2010Clozapine and global cognition in schizophreniaRajji, Tarek K.; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Ismail, Zahinoor; Ng, Wenzie; Mamo, David; Remington, Gary; Pollock, Bruce G.; Mulsant, Benoit H.
2009Clozapine exposure and the impact of smoking and gender : a population pharmacokinetic studyNg, Wenzie; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Ismail, Zahinoor; Mamo, David; Rajji, Tarek K.; Remington, Gary; Sproule, Beth A.; Pollock, Bruce G.; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Bies, Robert R.
2012Defining treatment-resistant schizophrenia and response to antipsychotics : a review and recommendationSuzuki, Takefumi; Remington, Gary; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Rajji, Tarek K.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mimura, Masaru; Mamo, David
2012Dopamine D2 receptor occupancy with risperidone or olanzapine during maintenance treatment of schizophrenia : a cross-sectional studyMizuno, Yuya; Bies, Robert R.; Remington, Gary; Mamo, David; Suzuki, Takefumi; Pollock, Bruce G.; Tsuboi, Takashi; Watanabe, Koichiro; Mimura, Masaru; Uchida, Hiroyuki
2013Dopamine D2/3 occupancy of ziprasidone across a day : a within-subject PET studySuzuki, Takefumi; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Remington, Gary; Caravaggio, Fernando; Borlido, Carol; Pollock, Bruce G.; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Deluca, Vincenzo; Ismail, Zahinoor; Mamo, David
2004Effect of acute antipsychotic administration on dopamine synthesis in rodents and human subjects using 6‐[18F]‐L‐m‐tyrosineMamo, David; Remington, Gary; Nobrega, Jose N.; Hussey, Doug; Chirakal, Raman; Wilson, Alan A.; Baker, Glen B.; Houle, Sylvain; Kapur, Shitij
2013Estimated dopamine D2 receptor occupancy and remission in schizophrenia : analysis of the CATIE dataMoriguchi, Sho; Bies, Robert R.; Remington, Gary; Suzuki, Takefumi; Mamo, David; Watanabe, Koichiro; Mimura, Masaru; Pollock, Bruce G.; Uchida, Hiroyuki
2014Estimating endogenous dopamine levels at D2 and D3 receptors in humans using the agonist radiotracer [11C]-(+)-PHNOCaravaggio, Fernando; Nakajima, Shinichiro; Borlido, Carol; Remington, Gary; Gerretsen, Philip; Wilson, Alan; Houle, Sylvain; Menon, Mahesh; Mamo, David; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2016Estimating the effect of endogenous dopamine on baseline [11C]‐(+)‐PHNO binding in the human brainCaravaggio, Fernando; Kegeles, Lawrence S.; Wilson, Alan A.; Remington, Gary; Borlido, Carol; Mamo, David; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2011Exploring the neural correlates of delusions of referenceMenon, Mahesh; Schmitz, Taylor W.; Anderson, Adam K.; Graff, Ariel; Korostil, Michele; Mamo, David; Gerretsen, Philip; Addington, Jean; Remington, Gary; Kapur, Shitij
2015Illness denial in schizophrenia spectrum disorders : a function of left hemisphere dominanceGerretsen, Philip; Menon, Mahesh; Chakravarty, M. Mallar; Lerch, Jason P.; Mamo, David; Remington, Gary; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2011Impact of feedback from pharmacists in reducing antipsychotic polypharmacy in schizophreniaHazra, Monica; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Sproule, Beth A.; Remington, Gary; Suzuki, Takefumi; Mamo, David
2014Impaired insight into illness and cognitive insight in schizophrenia spectrum disorders : resting state functional connectivityGerretsen, Philip; Menon, Mahesh; Mamo, David; Fervaha, Gagan; Remington, Gary; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2016Lack of association between dopaminergic antagonism and negative symptoms in schizophrenia : a positron emission tomography dopamine D2/3 receptor occupancy studyFervaha, Gagan; Caravaggio, Fernando; Mamo, David; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Pollock, Bruce G.; Nakajima, Shinichiro; Gerretsen, Philip; Rajji, Tarek K.; Mar, Wanna; Iwata, Yusuke; Plitman, Eric; Chung, Jun Ku; Remington, Gary; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2011Management of schizophrenia in late life with antipsychotic medicationsSuzuki, Takefumi; Remington, Gary; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Rajji, Tarek K.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mamo, David
2006A PET study evaluating dopamine D2 receptor occupancy for long-acting injectable risperidoneRemington, Gary; Mamo, David; Labelle, Alain; Reiss, Jeffrey; Shammi, Chekkera M.; Mannaert, Erik; Mann, Steve; Kapur, Shitij
2004A PET study of dopamine D2 and serotonin 5-HT2 receptor occupancy in patients with schizophrenia treated with therapeutic doses of ziprasidoneMamo, David; Kapur, Shitij; Shammi, Chekkera M.; Papatheodorou, George; Mann, Steve; Therrien, Francois; Remington, Gary
2011Time course of improvement with antipsychotic medication in treatment-resistant schizophreniaSuzuki, Takefumi; Remington, Gary; Arenovich, Tamara; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Agid, Ofer; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mamo, David
2011Treatment resistant schizophrenia and response to antipsychotics : a reviewSuzuki, Takefumi; Remington, Gary; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Rajji, Tarek K.; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mamo, David