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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An alternative method for processing high viscosity polymers. I. Development and feasibility studyRochman, Arif; Frick, Achim; Martin, Peter
2021Analysing the sustainability of cascade recycling in plastic manufacturingTanti, Karl; Rochman, Arif; Refalo, Paul
2018Analysis of process parameters affecting energy consumption in plastic injection mouldingMeekers, Isaac; Refalo, Paul; Rochman, Arif
2004Characterization of TPU-elastomers by thermal analysisFrick, Achim; Rochman, Arif
2019Defect formation in EBM parts built at different orientationCamilleri, Christian; Rochman, Arif
2014Design and manufacture of injection mold inserts using electron beam meltingRochman, Arif; Borg, Althea Kate
2014-08Design of an endoscopic micro optical part for fabrication with micro two shot injection mouldingSaid, Luke; Rochman, Arif; Farrugia, Philip; Vella, Pierre
2018-02Design optimisation of an optical component used in an endoscopic micro distal end fabricated with two-shot injection mouldingVella, ‪Pierre; Farrugia, Philip; Rochman, Arif; Camilleri, Christian
2013Design, manufacture and testing of titanium EBM insert for injection moldingBorg, Kate; Rochman, Arif
2017-10Development and fabrication of patient-specific knee implant using additive manufacturing techniquesZammit, Robert; Rochman, Arif
2018Development and performance analysis of static mixing nozzle for injection molding of thermoset elastomersRochman, Arif; Zahra, Keith
2017Effect of build orientation of electron beam melting on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4VBruno, J.; Rochman, Arif; Cassar, Glenn
2022Elastomers for the development of orthopaedic implantsAbela, Dylan; Rochman, Arif; Buhagiar, Joseph; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Schembri Wismayer, Pierre
2021Filament development for laser assisted FFF 3D printingBorg, Gabriel; Kiss, Szabolcs; Rochman, Arif
2020The impact of polymer selection and recycling on the sustainability of injection moulded partsVassallo, Chantel; Rochman, Arif; Refalo, Paul
2016-10Influence of melt mixer on injection molding of thermoset elastomersRochman, Arif; Zahra, Keith
2019Rapid prototyping solution for the production of vulcanized rubber componentsVassallo, Matthew; Rochman, Arif
2017Towards sustainable injection molding of ABS plastic productsTranter, Jack B.; Refalo, Paul; Rochman, Arif
2004Werkstoffbasierte Prozesskontrolle empfohlenFrick, Achim; Rochman, Arif; Stern, Claudia
2003Werkstoffcharakterisierung und Qualitätssicherung von TPU-ElastomerenFrick, Achim; Rochman, Arif; Stem, Carol