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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201420th century Maltese artists : exhibition of drawings and paintings : Vincent Apap, Willie Apap, Esprit Barthet, Giuseppe Briffa, Emvin Cremona & Josef KalleyaSagona, Mark
2010Antonio Buhagiar (1906-98) within the context of the decorative arts in MaltaSagona, Mark
2011The art treasures - a critical overviewSagona, Mark
2021The art-historical scholarship of the decorative arts in Malta : an analysisSagona, Mark
2019The artistic context for Salvatore Dimech’s Annunciation of the Virgin at Ħal Balzan parish church : a critical and analytical studySagona, Mark
2021The artistic context of mid-nineteenth century Rome : an analysis of the milieu of Fontana’s St Philip of AgiraSagona, Mark
2007Carlo Pisi (1897-1979) : an Italian sculptor in modern MaltaSagona, Mark
2018The ceiling decoration and its protagonistsSagona, Mark
2016Changing artistic taste in Malta at the turn of the nineteenth century : a case for the ecclesiastical decorative artsSagona, Mark
2020The decorative arts at the Addolorata Cemetery : epitomizing the revivalist and eclectic attitudesSagona, Mark
2006Dekorazzjoni ġdida fil-kappelli tal-parroċċa tal-FontanaSagona, Mark
1999The designs of Abram Gatt, Francesco Saverio Sciortino, Emanuele Buhagiar and Giuseppe Galea for the churches of GozoSagona, Mark
2005An early documented work by Antonio SciortinoSagona, Mark
2014The ecclesiastical decorative arts in Malta 1850-1900 : style and ornamentSagona, Mark
2004-05The ecclesiastical decorative arts in the Maltese IslandsSagona, Mark
2006Emanuele Buhagiar (1876-1962) : a designer and sculptor in early twentieth century MaltaSagona, Mark
2003Emanuele Buhagiar (1876-1962) : his contribution to the ecclesiastical decorative arts of the Maltese islandsSagona, Mark
2006Emanuele Buhagiar (1876-1962) disinjatur u skultur : il-kuntest ta’ l-arti tiegħu u x-xogħolijiet fil-knisja parrokkjali tal-QrendiSagona, Mark
2008Emvin Cremona (1919-87) and the rise of modern sensibilities in Maltese sacred artSagona, Mark
2018From Baroque to Modern : paintings and devotional statuarySagona, Mark