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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An action research based framework for introducing a patient allocation modelGrech, Paulann; Grech, Reuben; Sammut, Alexei
2019Art for the mindSammut, Alexei
2022Ethical considerations of using VR in mental health trainingCachia, Andrew; Camilleri, Vanessa; Dingli, Alexiei; Galea, Michael; Grech, Paulann; Sammut, Alexei; Scerri, Josianne
2005Feelings of individuals with cutaneous disease or conditionSammut, Alexei
2022-07-06Knowledge, attitude, preparedness and behavior of nurses towards intimate partner violence in mental health settingsMicallef, Charmaine; Sammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann
2019Living with mental illnessSammut, Alexei; Calleja, Anthony
2020Mental health nursing student handbookSapiano, Maria; Scerri, Josianne; Sammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann
2021Mental health perceptions from artworkSammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann; Galea, Michael; Mangion, Margaret; Scerri, Josianne
2003New records of Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) from the Maltese IslandsSammut, Paul; Sammut, Alexei; Catania, Aldo; Seguna, Anthony; Magro, Denis
2008Nurses knowledge and attitude towards mentally ill patientsSammut, Alexei
2023Post-traumatic growth after cancer : a thematic analysis studyGalea, Michael; Scerri, Josianne; Grech, Paulann; Sammut, Alexei; Attard, Christie
2017Psychiatric mental health nursing standardsGalea, Pierre; Sammut, Alexei; Gafa, Kevin
2022Psychosocial impact of COVID-19 on Malta’s elderlyGalea, Michael; Sammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann; Scerri, Josianne; Calleja Bitar, Daniela; Dimech Sant, Stephania
2021Reaching out for help : calls to a mental health helpline prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemicScerri, Josianne; Sammut, Alexei; Cilia Vincenti, Sarah; Grech, Paulann; Galea, Michael; Scerri, Christian A.; Calleja Bitar, Daniela; Dimech Sant, Stephania
2020The rise in self-made social media videosGrech, Paulann; Sammut, Alexei
2020Service users’ perception of the therapeutic milieu in a mental health rehabilitation unitGrech, Paulann; Scerri, Josianne; Cilia Vincenti, Sarah; Sammut, Alexei; Galea, Michael; Calleja Bitar, Daniela; Dimech Sant, Stephania
2023Social justice and mental health : an intersectionality-based approachGrech, Paulann; Sammut, Alexei
2023A sociocultural perspective of mental health stigma in MaltaScerri, Josianne; Sammut, Alexei; Agius, Janice
2023Targeting burnout and emotional state in nurses within a mental health care setting : a quasi-experimental studyScerri, Josianne; Sammut, Alexei; Mangion, Margaret; Galea, Michael; Grech, Paulann; Cilia Vincenti, Sarah; Camilleri, Liberato
2021Vulnerable, left out or both?Sammut, Alexei; Grech, Paulann