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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-0611th Conference of the European Society of General Practice/Family MedicineSammut, Mario R.; Soler, Jean Karl
1996-063rd European Congress on Family Medicine/General Practice, WONCASammut, Mario R.
2003-12Activities and achievements of the Malta College of Family Doctors 1989-2003Sammut, Mario R.
1997-12Activities of the Malta College of Family Doctors : past, present and futureSammut, Mario R.
2007Are chondroitin and glucosamine in combination effective in the treatment of osteoarthritic pain?Sammut, Mario R.
2003Are stop smoking services successful?: an evaluation of smoking cessation clinics in MaltaSammut, Mario R.
2012Attitudes toward preventive services and lifestyle : the views of primary care patients in Europe. The EUROPREVIEW patient studyBrotons, Carlos; Bulc, Mateja; Sammut, Mario R.; Sheehan, Mary; Martins, Carlos; Bjorkelund, Cecilia; Drenthen, Antonius J. M.; Duhot, Didier; Gorpelioglui, Suleyman; Jurgova, Eva; Keinanen-Kiukkanniemi, Sirkka; Kotanyi, Peter; Markou, Valia; Moral, Irene; Mortsiefer, Achim; Pas, Leo; Pichler, Ingrid; Sghedoni, Donatella; Tataradze, Revaz; Thireos, Eleftherios; Valius, Leonas; Vuchak, Jasna; Collins, Claire; Cornelis, Esther; Ciurana, Ramon; Kloppe, Pilar; Mierzecki, Artur; Nadaraia, Kakha; Godycki-Cwirko, Maciek
2014The attitudes, knowledge and practices of Maltese family doctors in disease prevention and health promotionPace, Lynn; Sammut, Mario R.; Gauci, Charmaine
1998Breaking the smoking habit in MaltaSammut, Mario R.
2003-12Brief intervention training in smoking cessation : a workshop for family doctorsSammut, Mario R.
2021-12Comparing GP trainees’ evaluations of placements within Malta’s Specialist Training Programme in Family Medicine before and after a COVID-19 pandemic related break in trainingSammut, Mario R.; Abela, Gunther; Abela, Sonia
2003Dietary advice in clinical practice : the views of general practitioners in EuropeBrotons, Carlos; Ciurana, Ramon; Piñeiro, Rosa; Kloppe, Pilar; Godycki-Cwirko, Maciek; Sammut, Mario R.
2016-08Dr Denis Soler, MD MSc FRCGP FMCFD, 1948-2016Sammut, Mario R.
2017-12Empowering the continuing professional development of general practitioner trainers in Malta through educational needs assessmentSammut, Mario R.; Abela, Gunther
2003European guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice : Third Joint Task Force of European and other Societies on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Clinical Practice (constituted by representatives of eight societies and by invited experts)De Backer, Guy; Ambrosioni, Ettore; Borch-Johnsen, Knut; Brotons, Carlos; Cifkova, Renata; Dallongeville, Jean; Ebrahim, Shah; Faergeman, Ole; Graham, Ian; Mancia, Giuseppe; Manger Cats, Volkert; Orth-Gomer, Kristina; Perk, Joep; Pyorala, Kalevi; Rodicio, Jose L.; Sans, Susana; Sansoy, Vedat; Sechtem, Udo; Silber, Sigmund; Thomsen, Troels; Wood, David; Sammut, Mario R.
2016-12Evidence-based smoking cessation and the family doctorSammut, Mario R.
2006Family doctors and health promotion : do we practise what we preach?Sammut, Mario R.
2008Funding of vocational training programmes for general practice/family medicine in EuropeSammut, Mario R.; Lindh, Monica; Rindlisbacher, Bernard
2011Health behaviour counselling in primary care : general practitioner : reported rate and confidenceSaliba, Mario; Sammut, Mario R.; Vickers, Kristin S.; Calleja, Neville
2005Healthy diet in primary care : views of general practitioners and nurses from EuropePineiro, Rosa; Brotons, Carlos; Bulc, Mateja; Ciurana, Ramon; Drenthen, T.; Durrer, D.; Godycki-Cwirko, Maciek; Gorpelioglu, S.; Kloppe, Pilar; Lionis, Christos; Mancini, M.; Martins, C.; Mierzecki, Artur; Pichler, I.; Pullerits, Liivia; Sammut, Mario R.; Sghedoni, D.; Sheehan, Mary; Thireos, Eleftherios A.