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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Addressing the Malta National Strategy for diabetes 2016-2020 research priority areas : a scoping reviewSammut, Roberta
2022The association between human milk and human milk fortifiers and necrotising enterocolitis in preterm infants : a reviewMagro, Sarah; Cini, Anne; Sammut, Roberta
2018-01Bariatric surgery versus lifestyle modification for decreasing glycated haemoglobin in obese persons living with type 2 diabetes : a reviewSammut, Roberta; Zammit, Roderick; Grech, Joseph
2020Brief tobacco cessation interventions : practices, opinions, and attitudes of healthcare professionalsGrech, Joseph; Sammut, Roberta; Buontempo, Mariella B.; Vassallo, Pauline; Calleja, Neville
2021-02Distributed leadership and nurses’ job satisfaction : a surveySammut, Roberta; Curtis, Elizabeth A.; Briffa, Benjamin
1993Do registered nurses read the literature related to nursing?Sammut, Roberta
2020The effect of gum chewing on postoperative ileus in open colorectal surgery patients : a reviewSammut, Roberta; Trapani, Josef; Deguara, Justin; Ravasi, Valeria
2021The effectiveness of skin traction in reducing pain in adults with a hip fracture : a systematic reviewSammut, Roberta; Attard, Monique; Mangion, Daniela; Trapani, Josef
2018The effectiveness of virtual simulation in improving student nurses' knowledge and performance during patient deterioration : a pre and post test designBorg Sapiano, Alexis; Sammut, Roberta; Trapani, Josef
2008An exploratory study of predictors of self-care behaviour in persons with type 2 diabetesGatt, Sylvmarie; Sammut, Roberta
2020-06Exploring the knowledge, attitudes and perceived learning needs of formal carers of people with dementiaAttard, Roberta; Sammut, Roberta; Scerri, Anthony
1997Factors influencing turnover and absence of nurses : a research reviewSammut, Roberta; Norman, Ian J.
2018-06The Faculty of Health Sciences : looking aheadSammut, Roberta
2021Formal caregiver's perceptions and experiences of using pet robots for persons living with dementia in long-term care : a meta-ethnographyScerri, Anthony; Sammut, Roberta; Scerri, Charles
2016-01Generic competences for health and social care professionals working with older persons ; Literature review : a secondary analysisRoodbol, Petrie; Dijkman, Bea; Delfgou, Niek; Van Wieren, Johan; Weening, Linet; Molgaard, Carsten; Naldahl, Karin; Lange, Inge; Navarro, Maria; Sammut, Roberta; Scerri, Anthony; Felsmann, Miroslawa; Andruskiewicz, Anna; Gyrkow, Paulina; Soares, Celia
2023The impact of COVID-19 on nursing students' lives and online learning : a cross-sectional surveyGriscti, Odette; Sammut, Roberta; Camilleri, Liberato; Phee-Donovan, Erica
2019The knowledge and attitudes of persons who participate and do not participate in a colorectal cancer screening programme : a comparative surveySammut, Roberta; Camilleri, Sylvia; Trapani, Josef
2020Nurses' and nurse manager's perceived transformational leadership behavioural practices : a surveySammut, Roberta; Scicluna, Amanda
2016Reference points for the design and delivery of degree programmes in nursing - Middle East and North AfricaSaad Eswi, Abeer; Abou Abdo, Somaya; Rizk, Ursola; Aljeesh, Yousef; Basha, Sami; Al-Atiyyat, Nijmeh; Zarrad, Boubaker; Oweis, Arwa; Amarneh, Basil Hameed Mahmoud; Benhabyles Chaib, Badiaa; Lamlom, Sabah; Sammut, Roberta; Navarro, Maria; Cassar, Maria
2016-10-26ReviewershipSammut, Roberta