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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983The archbishop in the beleaguered city : an analysis of the conflicting roles and political oratory of MakariosSant Cassia, Paul
2017An assassination and a murderSant Cassia, Paul
1993Banditry, myth, and terror in Cyprus and other Mediterranean societiesSant Cassia, Paul
2000Better occasional murders than frequent adulteries : banditry, violence and sacrifice in the MediterraneanSant Cassia, Paul
1986Bloodmoney and brideprice have no merit : marriage, manipulation, and the transmission of resources in a S. Tunisian villageSant Cassia, Paul
2005Bodies of evidence : burial, memory and the recovery of missing persons in CyprusSant Cassia, Paul
1992Charcoal makers [Film Review]Sant Cassia, Paul
1999The discovery of Malta : nature, culture and ethnicity in 19th century painting (a review article)Sant Cassia, Paul
2000Exoticizing discoveries and extraordinary experiences : "traditional" music, modernity, and nostalgia in Malta and other Mediterranean societiesSant Cassia, Paul
2006Guarding each other's dead, mourning one's own : the problem of missing persons and missing pasts in CyprusSant Cassia, Paul
2007Introduction : between Europe and the Mediterranean : the challenges and the fearsSant Cassia, Paul; Fabre, Thierry
1989L-ghana : bejn il-folklor u l-habiSant Cassia, Paul
2009The life model : between nude and nakedSant Cassia, Paul
1999Martyrdom and witnessing : violence, terror and recollection in CyprusSant Cassia, Paul
2005The martyrdom of the missingSant Cassia, Paul
2005Mediterranean conundrums : pluridisciplinary perspectives for research in the social sciencesSant Cassia, Paul; Schafer, Isabel
2005The missing as a set of representationsSant Cassia, Paul
2007Patrolling society’s borders : slavery, apostasy and the InquisitionCassar, Carmel; Sant Cassia, Paul
1999Piercing transfigurations : representations of suffering in CyprusSant Cassia, Paul
2005Piranesi : the eternal modernity of ruinsSant Cassia, Paul