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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-12A 14th century Maltese link to an Italian hospitaller orderSavona-Ventura, Charles
1986Abnormalan metabolizam glukoze u trudnica na Malti = Abnormal glucose metabolism in the Maltese pregnant populationSavona-Ventura, Charles; Grech, E.S.
2006-11Advances in oral hormonal contraceptionSavona-Ventura, Charles
1993-12Anaemia in the Maltese IslandsSavona-Ventura, Charles
2007-09Ancient Egyptian medicine : part 1 : fertility and childbirthSavona-Ventura, Charles
2007-11Ancient Egyptian medicine : part 2 : surgerySavona-Ventura, Charles
2008-01Ancient Egyptian medicine : part 3 : medicine and therapeuticsSavona-Ventura, Charles
2008-03Ancient Egyptian medicine : part 4 [1] : medical papyriSavona-Ventura, Charles
2008-05Ancient Egyptian medicine : part 4 [2] : medical papyriSavona-Ventura, Charles
2002-06An Anthrax epidemic in the Maltese IslandsSavona-Ventura, Charles
2000The anthropomorphology of classical skulls from MaltaSavona-Ventura, Charles; Mifsud, Anton; Camilleri, V.
2019-04The art and the science of healingGrech, Victor; Savona-Ventura, Charles; Cacciottolo, Joseph M.
2017The Baroque influence on the uniforms used by the Chivalric Orders as exemplified by the Order of Saint Lazarus in FranceSavona-Ventura, Charles
2015-11Battling the variola : Charles Marie de La Condamine Chevalier de l’Ordre de Saint LazareSavona-Ventura, Charles
1997Blood lead levels in pregnant women and the neonateSavona-Ventura, Charles; Sammut, Mario R.; Licari, Lucianne; Vassallo, A.
1999-11Bovine depictions in Maltese prehistoric artSavona-Ventura, Charles; Mifsud, Anton
2004Breast versus bottle : a history of infant feeding in MaltaSavona-Ventura, Charles
1992Caesarean section in obstetric practice of a developing southern Mediterranean islandSavona-Ventura, Charles
1986Carnivores of the Maltese IslandsSavona-Ventura, Charles
2009-07Cervical cancer screeningSavona-Ventura, Charles