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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Acute medical and surgical nurses’ knowledge and attitudes towards ageing and older personsScerri, Anthony; Schembri, Patrick
2013Alzheimer's disease research group (ADRG)Scerri, Charles; Ferry, Peter; Scerri, Anthony; Farrugia Bonello, Rosette; Zahra, Anthony; Mamo, David
2013Caring for older persons with dementia : the principles of person-centred careScerri, Anthony; Scerri, Charles
2015Corrosion behaviour of triode plasma diffusion treated and PVD TiN-coated Ti-6Al-4V in acidified aqueous chloride environmentsScerri, Anthony; Buhagiar, Joseph; Banfield, Sarah; Avelar-Batista Wilson, J. C.; Housden, Jonathan; Leyland, Adrian; Matthews, Allan; Cassar, Glenn
2020Dementia care in acute hospitals — a qualitative study on nurse managers’ perceived challenges and solutionsScerri, Anthony; Innes, Anthea; Scerri, Charles
2012Dementia in Malta : new prevalence estimates and projected trendsScerri, Anthony; Scerri, Charles
2016Dementia training programmes for staff working in general hospital settings – a systematic review of the literatureScerri, Anthony; Innes, Anthea; Scerri, Charles
2014Determinants of good dementia care practices within a rehabilitation hospital settingScerri, Anthony; Scerri, Charles
2015Discovering what works well : exploring quality dementia care in hospital wards using an appreciative inquiry approachScerri, Anthony; Innes, Anthea; Scerri, Charles
2020-06Exploring the knowledge, attitudes and perceived learning needs of formal carers of people with dementiaAttard, Roberta; Sammut, Roberta; Scerri, Anthony
2022Factors influencing the proxy-rated quality of life of residents with dementia in long-term care unitsVella, Luana; Scerri, Anthony
2021Formal caregiver's perceptions and experiences of using pet robots for persons living with dementia in long-term care : a meta-ethnographyScerri, Anthony; Sammut, Roberta; Scerri, Charles
2016-01Generic competences for health and social care professionals working with older persons ; Literature review : a secondary analysisRoodbol, Petrie; Dijkman, Bea; Delfgou, Niek; Van Wieren, Johan; Weening, Linet; Molgaard, Carsten; Naldahl, Karin; Lange, Inge; Navarro, Maria; Sammut, Roberta; Scerri, Anthony; Felsmann, Miroslawa; Andruskiewicz, Anna; Gyrkow, Paulina; Soares, Celia
2017Implementing person-centred dementia care in a rehabilitation hospital through an appreciative inquiry approachScerri, Anthony
2021Living with dementia and caregiving : psychosocial considerations through the gender lensScerri, Charles; Abela, Angela; Scerri, Anthony
2022Nurses’ experiences of caring for long-term care residents with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemicScerri, Anthony; Borg Xuereb, Christian; Scerri, Charles
2013Nursing students' knowledge and attitudes towards dementia - a questionnaire surveyScerri, Anthony; Scerri, Charles
2017Outcomes in knowledge, attitudes and confidence of nursing staff working in nursing and residential care homes following a dementia training programmeScerri, Anthony; Scerri, Charles
2020The perceived and observed needs of patients with dementia admitted to acute medical wardsScerri, Anthony; Scerri, Charles; Innes, Anthea
1997The perceived role of the nurse in stroke rehabilitationScerri, Anthony