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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201810th Malta Medical School Conference : conference abstract bookSchembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Galea, Raymond P.; Scerri, Christian A.; Muscat, Richard; Fenech, Anthony G.
2006The aetiology of ectopic maxillary canine teethMcDonald, Fraser; Scerri, Christian A.; Camilleri, Simon
1999Characterization and locus assignment of two α-globin variants present in the Maltese population : Hb St. Luke's [α95 (G2) Pro→ Arg] and Hb Setif [α94 (G1) Asp→ Tyr]Bezzina Wettinger, Stephanie; Galdies, Ruth; Scerri, Christian A.; Felice, Alex
1998Clinical and molecular pathology of the β+ IVSI-6C thalassaemia in MaltaScerri, Christian A.
2015The clinical bank of BBMRI.mtVella, Joanna; Grech, Laura; Scerri, Jeanesse; Scerri, Christian A.; Bezzina Wettinger, Stephanie; Camilleri, Graziella; Zammit, Esther; Grech, Godfrey; Soler, Doriette; Borg, Isabella; Camilleri-Podesta, Marie Therese; Abela, Mark; Ebejer, Jean Paul; Borg, Joseph N.; Galdies, Ruth; Cassar, Wilhelmina; Camilleri, Alexander; Farrugia, Rosienne; Pace, Nikolai Paul; Said Conti, Valerie; Vella, Norbert; Saliba, Christian; Said, Edith; Ellul, Bridget; Grima, David; Felice, Alex
2015The clinical bank of BBMRI.mtVella, Joanna; Borg, Joseph J.; Grech, Laura; Galdies, Ruth; Scerri, Jeanesse; Cassar, Wilhelmina; Scerri, Christian A.; Camilleri, Alexander; Bezzina Wettinger, Stephanie; Farrugia, Rosienne; Camilleri, G.; Pace, N.P.; Zammit, E.; Said Conti, V.; Grech, Godfrey; Saliba, Christian; Soler, Doriette; Vella, Norbert R.; Borg, Isabella; Said, Edith; Camilleri Podesta, Marie Therese; Ellul, Bridget; Felice, T.; Grima, David; Ebejer, Jean Paul; Felice, Alex E.
2008-01Clinical reflections on hereditary thrombophiliaScerri, Christian A.
2009-03Coeliac disease : the wandering icebergScerri, Christian A.
2005Comparative frequency of Coagulation Factor II and Coagulation Factor V Alleles among new-born and senior citizensAbela Medici, Joseph; Bezzina Wettinger, Stephanie; Scerri, Christian A.; Grochowska, Alicha; Felice, Alex
1999Comparative in vivo expression of β+-thalassemia allelesMarwan, M. M.; Scerri, Christian A.; Zarroag, S. O.; Kyrri, Andreanni R.; Kalogirou, Eleni; Kleanthous, Marina; Ioannou, Panayiotis A.; Angastiniotis, Michael A.; Felice, Alex; Cao, Antonio
2020-12Complex factors in preconditioning a microarray geneGrech, Godfrey; Saliba, Christian; Scerri, Christian A.; Galea, Joseph; Schembri, Kevin
2015-05The current situation for the water sources in the Maltese IslandsSpiteri, David; Scerri, Christian A.; Valdramidis, Vasilis P.
2016Deregulation of the protein phosphatase 2A, PP2A in cancer : complexity and therapeutic optionsGrech, Godfrey; Baldacchino, Shawn; Saliba, Christian; Grixti, Maria Pia; Gauci, Robert; Petroni, Vanessa; Fenech, Anthony G.; Scerri, Christian A.
2007Developmental effect of the XmnI site on Gγ-globin gene expression among newborn Hb F-Malta-I [Gγ117 (G19) His→ Arg, CAT→ CGT] heterozygotes and adult β+-thalassemia homozygotesPulis, Svetlana; Scerri, Christian A.; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Galdies, Ruth; Bezzina Wettinger, Stephanie; Felice, Alex
2011Does quantitative heterogeneity of human fetal hemoglobin (Hb F) reveal friends or foes of KLF1 in globin gene switching?Felice, Alex; Galdies, Ruth; Borg, Joseph J.; Grech, Godfrey; Cassar, Wilhelmina; Scerri, Christian A.; Patrinos, George P.; Philipsen, Sjaak
2018Eat your way to a healthy lifeDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; Scerri, Christian A.; Schembri, Paulino
2016-09Environmental and lifestyle risk factors of breast cancer in Malta-a retrospective case-control studyCauchi, Jean Paul; Camilleri, Liberato; Scerri, Christian A.
2008-09Familial Mediterranean fever : a common hereditary disease in MaltaScerri, Christian A.
2020Genetic heterogeneity of KLF1, a master regulator of erythropoiesis, revealed an autosomal recessive Ψβ-thalassemia and a very strong promoter in vivoGrech, Laura; Borg, Joseph J.; Galdies, Ruth; Attard, Carmen; Scerri, Christian A.; Philipsen, Sjaak; Felice, Alexander E.
2008-07The genetics of the muscular dystrophiesScerri, Christian A.