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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei : cross-sectional eological refections and pastoral implicationsScerri, Hector
2013The Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei: cross-sectional theological reflections and pastoral implicationsScerri, Hector
2012Aucun homme n'aura exerce sur moi l'influence de Henri de Lubac : (Adalbert Hamman) : Henri de Lubac et Adalbert HammanScerri, Hector
1990Augustine the Manichaean and the problem of evilScerri, Hector
1997Book Review of Adalbert Hamman, "La vie est un long jour de fete. Memoires"Scerri, Hector
1997Book Review of Adalbert-G. Hamman, La vie est un long jour de fete. MemoiresScerri, Hector
2018Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 68(1)] : “Jien s’hawn nista’,” Martinu Luteru: Riforma jew riforma?Scerri, Hector
2012The Christian Agape meal : a manifestation of Koinonia and Diakonia : the contribution of Adalbert-Gautier HammanScerri, Hector
2012The Christian Agape Meal : A manifestation of Koinonia and Diakonia. The contribution of Adalbert-Gautier HammanScerri, Hector
2004The Church and the fullness of the TruthScerri, Hector
2007Come sangue versato : l'essenza della martyria cristianaScerri, Hector
2007The crucible of formation : the theological milieu wherein giants grewScerri, Hector
2002Dall'actuosa participatio ad un'ortoprassi eucaristica autenticaScerri, Hector
1994Dun Salv Grima (1909-1990) : the first Maltese priest at the Scots College [Rome]Scerri, Hector
2013The Ecumenical Commitment of Pope FrancisScerri, Hector
2020Editorial note : gratis et amorisDeBattista, André P.; Farrugia, Jonathan; Scerri, Hector
2013Ekumeniczne zaangazowanie papieza FranciszkaScerri, Hector
2012The Eucharist and Freedom Recalling the Impact of the Magisterium of Pope John Paul II at the International Eucharistic Congress at Wroclaw (1997)Scerri, Hector
2004'Fides quaerens intellectum practico-socialem' in the Writings of Adalbert-G. Hamman (1910-2000): Some Footnotes to the Pro-existential Attitude of the FathersScerri, Hector
2000The Fourth Eucharistic Prayer : a general analysis of its structure and content to appreciate its ecclesiological meaningScerri, Hector