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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-12Analysis of the results of soil analysis for dioxins and furans carried out by EUROFINS (Umwelt) GmbH in the aftermath of the fire incident at the Magħtab Environment Complex (Magħtab, Naxxar)Scerri, Mark M.
2017-07-06Analysis of the results of the dioxin and furan analysis carried out by EUROFINS Umwelt GmbH in the soils sampled around the Sant’ Antin Waste Treatment PlantScerri, Mark M.
2016Disentangling the contribution of Saharan dust and marine aerosol to PM10 levels in the Central MediterraneanScerri, Mark M.; Kandler, Konrad; Weinbruch, Stephan
2018Estimation of the contributions of the sources driving PM2.5 levels in a Central Mediterranean coastal townScerri, Mark M.; Kandler, Konrad; Weinbruch, Stephan; Yubero, Eduardo; Galindo, Nuria; Prati, Paolo; Caponi, Lorenzo; Massabo, Dario
2019Investigating the plausibility of a PMF source apportionment solution derived using a small dataset : a case study from a receptor in a rural site in Apulia - South East ItalyScerri, Mark M.; Genga, Alessandra; Iacobellis, Silvana; Delmaire, Gilles; Giove, Aldo; Siciliano, Maria; Siciliano, Tiziana; Weinbruch, Stephan
2011Spatio-temporal analysis of air pollution data in MaltaChetcuti Zammit, Luana; Scerri, Kenneth; Attard, Maria; Bajada, Thérèse; Scerri, Mark M.
2019The use of positive matrix factorization (PMF) in the source apportionment of ambient aerosol in the Central MediterraneanScerri, Mark M.
2014Verifying web applications : from business level specifications to automated model-based testingColombo, Christian; Micallef, Mark; Scerri, Mark M.