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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04A comic educationScicluna, Ryan
2020-11Extra : CopyrightsScicluna, Ryan
2016-09The first open access repository in Malta : two years of challenges and experiencesScicluna, Ryan
2022-02Intorduction to Information Literacy (General Workshop Presentation)Univsersity of Malta Library; Scicluna, Ryan
2018Marketing and promotion of OAR@UoM : the open access Institutional Repository of the University of MaltaScicluna, Ryan
2015Marketing and social media : a guide for libraries, archives, and museums (review)Scicluna, Ryan
2014The need for a legal deposit law in Malta : comparing New Zealand’s and the United Kingdom’s case to draft a legal deposit act for MaltaScicluna, Ryan
2015The need to promote academic libraries : comparing the University of Glasgow Library and the University of Malta Library’s marketing strategiesScicluna, Ryan
2018OAR@UM : the UM Open access repositoryScicluna, Ryan
2015OAR@UoM : University of Malta Library’s institutional repositoryScicluna, Ryan
2015OAR@UoM training workshopUniversity of Malta. Library; Scicluna, Ryan
2016-10-26Open accessScicluna, Ryan
2015-11-11Open access and academic researchUniversity of Malta. Library; Scicluna, Ryan
2016-11-03Open access and dissemination of researchScicluna, Ryan
2015-10Open access and OAR@UoM : 1 year laterScicluna, Ryan
2017-08-17Open access marketing at the University of Malta : a case study of how the University of Malta Library set up the Open Science Department to help market and promote the open access institutional repository : OAR@UoMScicluna, Ryan
2019-10Session 01 : Information Literacy : An IntroductionScicluna, Ryan
2019-10Session 02 : Types of Information ResourcesScicluna, Ryan
2019-11Session 03 : Building Search QueriesScicluna, Ryan
2019-11Session 04 : Evaluating Information ResourcesScicluna, Ryan