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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Case study : the development of specialist nurse roles in MaltaScicluna Ward, Corinne; Rosser, Elizabeth; Norton, Liz
2021Charting the competency-based eportfolio implementation journeyNicolls, Barbara Anne; Cassar, Maria; Scicluna Ward, Corinne; Martinelli, Sharon
2021Competence profile for nurses in plasma donation centersMasia-Plana, Afra; Oomen, Ber; Parisotto, Maria-Teresa; Scicluna Ward, Corinne
2020EADV : the role of European nursesWheeler, Julia; Buse, Anna-Sophie; Gieseke, Martin; Thormann, Kathrin; Skiveren, Jette; Krontoft, Anna; Scicluna Ward, Corinne
2016-05An exploration of specialist nurses in Malta: a qualitative case study.Scicluna Ward, Corinne
2014Identifying individual psychosocial and adherence support needs in patients with psoriasis : a multinational two-stage qualitative and quantitative studyBewley, A.; Burrage, D. M.; Ersser, S. J.; Hansen, M.; Scicluna Ward, Corinne
2022Introducing an eportfolio into a nurse education program : a case studyCassar, Maria; Nicolls, Barbara; Scicluna Ward, Corinne; Martinelli, Sharon
2023Malta Association of Skin and Wound Care : promoting collaboration and researchScicluna Ward, Corinne
2021A nurse-led tissue viability service in MaltaScicluna Ward, Corinne
2018Nurses : leaders in a changing worldScicluna Ward, Corinne; Farrugia, Claire; Grima, Carmel
2023Nurses’ attitudes and barriers to incident reporting in Malta’s acute general hospitalScicluna Ward, Corinne; Mangion, Daniela
2023Parents’ management of childhood fever : an exploratory quantitative study in MaltaBorg, Esther; Scicluna Ward, Corinne
2010The value of systematic evaluation in determining the effectiveness and practical utility of a pressure-redistributing support surfaceScicluna Ward, Corinne