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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The adjacency matrices of complete and nutful graphsSciriha, Irene; Farrugia, Alexander; Gauci, John Baptist
2000An algorithm to analyse the polynomial deck of the line graph of a triangle-free graphSciriha, Irene
2000The appeal of operative proofs recreation with rectanglesSciriha, Irene
2014Balanced centrality of networksDebono, Mark; Lauri, Josef; Sciriha, Irene
2004The Boolean power sequence of graphsLi Marzi, Enzo Maria; Sciriha, Irene
2007A characterization of singular graphsSciriha, Irene
2008Coalesced and embedded nut graphs in singular graphsSciriha, Irene
2016Coalescing Fiedler and core verticesAli, Didar A.; Gauci, John Baptist; Sciriha, Irene; Sharaf, Khidir R.
2000The Collection ISciriha, Irene
2000The Collection IISciriha, Irene
2001The Collection IIISciriha, Irene; Farrugia, Alexander
2001The Collection IVSciriha, Irene; Farrugia, Alexander
2004The Collection IXSciriha, Irene; Walker, Ian G.
2002The Collection VSciriha, Irene; Telenta, Tanya; Farrugia, Alexander
2002The Collection VISciriha, Irene; Telenta, Tanya
2003The Collection VIISciriha, Irene; Telenta, Tanya
2003The Collection VIIISciriha, Irene
2004The Collection XSciriha, Irene; Walker, Ian G.
2016Complete graphs with zero diagonal inverseFarrugia, Alexander; Gauci, John Baptist; Sciriha, Irene
2019The conductivity of superimposed key-graphs with a common one-dimensional adjacency nullspaceSciriha, Irene; Ali, Didar A.; Gauci, John Baptist; Sharaf, Khidir R.