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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Anvil : a tool for visual debugging of rendering pipelinesNapoli, Kevin; Bugeja, Keith; Spina, Sandro; Magro, Mark; De Barro, Adrian
2019An asynchronous method for cloud-based renderingBugeja, Keith; Debattista, Kurt; Spina, Sandro
2020Atlas shrugged : device-agnostic radiance megatexturesMagro, Mark; Bugeja, Keith; Spina, Sandro; Napoli, Kevin; De Barro, Adrian
2007Automatic interface generation for compositional verificationSpina, Sandro; Pace, Gordon J.; Lang, Frederic
2006Automatic interface generation for enumerative model checkingSpina, Sandro; Pace, Gordon J.
2020Cloud-based dynamic GI for shared VR experiencesMagro, Mark; Spina, Sandro; Bugeja, Keith; Debattista, Kurt
2014Collaborative high-fidelity rendering over peer-to-peer networksBugeja, Keith; Debattista, Kurt; Spina, Sandro; Chalmers, A.
2012Fast scalable k-NN computation for very large point cloudsSpina, Sandro; Debattista, Kurt; Bugeja, Keith; Chalmers, A.
2018Frame rate vs resolution : a subjective evaluation of spatiotemporal perceived quality under varying computational budgetsDebattista, Kurt; Bugeja, Keith; Spina, Sandro; Hulusic, V.
2014High-fidelity graphics for dynamically generated environments using distributed computingBugeja, Keith; Debattista, Kurt; Spina, Sandro; Chalmers, Alan
2003Icarus 4Camilleri, Frank; Aquilina, Stefan; Gatt, Caroline; Ghirlando, Louise; Spina, Sandro
2019Interactive cloud-based global illumination for shared virtual environmentsMagro, Mark; Bugeja, Keith; Spina, Sandro; Debattista, Kurt
2012-11Iterative partitioning and labelling of point cloud dataSpina, Sandro
2022A lightweight photon tracing method for visualising causticsDe Barro, Adrian; Bugeja, Keith; Spina, Sandro; Magro, Mark; Napoli, Kevin
2008Model checking user interfacesCauchi, Abigail; Pace, Gordon J.; Spina, Sandro
2019N-layered feudal network in an RTS game environmentBugeja, Benjamin; Ebejer, Jean Paul; Spina, Sandro
2004Non-monotonic search strategies for grammatical inferenceSpina, Sandro; Abela, John
2011Point cloud segmentation for cultural heritage sitesSpina, Sandro; Debattista, Kurt; Bugeja, Keith; Chalmers, A.
2013-11Point-cloud decomposition for scene analysis and understandingSpina, Sandro
2003A risk driven state merging algorithm for learning DFAsSpina, Sandro