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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Assessing the usefulness of outdoor learning in the early years during the COVID-19 pandemic in MaltaSpiteri, Jane
2021Can you hear me? Young children’s understanding of environmental issuesSpiteri, Jane
2020-04-04Early childhood education for sustainabilitySpiteri, Jane
2022Early childhood educators’ conceptions of the environment : a ‘funds of knowledge’ approachSpiteri, Jane
2022Early childhood teachers’ perceptions of environmental sustainability : a phenomenographic investigationSpiteri, Jane
2023Educating for sustainability in a small island nation : voices from early childhood educationSpiteri, Jane
2023Environmental learning across generations : spontaneous encounters and interactions between young children, mothers and teachersSpiteri, Jane
2021Exploring the influence of COVID-19 on initial teacher education in Malta : student participation in higher educationBonello, Charmaine; Deguara, Josephine; Camilleri, Rosienne; Gatt, Suzanne; Muscat, Tania; Milton, Josephine; Said, Lara; Spiteri, Jane
2022How can environmental sustainability be achieved? The perceptions of young childrenSpiteri, Jane
2022The impact of COVID-19 on children’s learning : a rapid reviewSpiteri, Jane; Deguara, Josephine; Muscat, Tania; Bonello, Charmaine; Camilleri, Rosienne; Milton, Josephine; Gatt, Suzanne; Said, Lara
2021The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s mental health and wellbeing, and beyond : a scoping reviewSpiteri, Jane
2022It’s like a fruit on a tree : young children’s understanding of the environmentSpiteri, Jane; Higgins, Pete; Nicol, Robbie
2021-06Position statement on teachers of the gifted and talented in MaltaSpiteri, Jane
2022Promoting gender equality across the sustainable development goalsLeal Filho, Walter; Kovaleva, Marina; Tsani, Stella; Țîrcă, Diana‑Mihaela; Shiel, Chris; Alzira Pimenta Dinis, Maria; Nicolau, Melanie; Sima, Mihaela; Fritzen, Barbara; Lange Salvia, Amanda; Minhas, Aprajita; Kozlova, Valerija; Doni, Federica; Spiteri, Jane; Gupta, Tanushka; Wakunuma, Kutoma; Sharma, Mohit; Barbir, Jelena; Shulla, Kalterina; Bhandari, Medani P.; Tripathi, Shiv
2021Quality early childhood education for all and the COVID-19 crisis : a viewpointSpiteri, Jane
2020A reflection on research methods that engage young children with environmental sustainabilitySpiteri, Jane
2020Too young to know? A multiple case study of child-to-parent intergenerational learning in relation to environmental sustainabilitySpiteri, Jane
2020-12Tracking the birth and growth of an online collaborative research team during COVID-19 : a narrative inquiry of eight female academics in MaltaBonello, Charmaine; Camilleri, Rosienne; Gatt, Suzanne; Deguara, Josephine; Milton, Josephine; Muscat, Tania; Said, Lara; Spiteri, Jane
2022The untapped potential of early childhood education for planetary health : a narrative reviewSpiteri, Jane
2021Why is it important to protect the environment? Reasons presented by young childrenSpiteri, Jane