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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Behavioural economics and small states : a focus on social preferencesBriguglio, Marie; Spiteri, Jonathan V.
2021Born or grown : enablers and barriers to circular business in EuropeBriguglio, Marie; Llorente-González, Leandro J.; Meilak, Christopher; Pereira, Ángeles; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Vence, Xavier
2020The challenges for regulation and control in an environment of rapid technological innovationsGrima, Simon; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Romanova, Inna
2018The circular economy and MaltaSpiteri, Jonathan V.
2019A computer-based incentivized food basket choice tool : presentation and evaluationSpiteri, Jonathan V.; James, Jonathan; Belot, Michèle
2019The cost and information management effect in SMEs : an empirical analysisGrima, Simon; Asllani, Gani; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Daka, Nikson
2019The Dali model in risk-management practice : the case of financial services firmsDalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Grima, Simon; Kizilkaya, Murat; Spiteri, Jonathan V.
2019Deliverable 6.2 : summary of key factors of CEBMThe R2π Project Consortium; Briguglio, Marie; Llorente, Leandro; Meilak, Christopher; Pereira, Ángeles; Spiteri, Jonathan V.
2018Determinants of the level of non-performing loans in commercial banks of transition countriesMazreku, Ibish; Morina, Fisnik; Misiri, Valdrin; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Grima, Simon
2018Does good governance foster trust in government? An empirical analysisSpiteri, Jonathan V.; Briguglio, Marie
2019Economic competition in Kosovo : an empirical analysisAsllani, Gani; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Grima, Simon
2019Economic development and health outcomes : evidence from cardiovascular disease mortality in EuropeSpiteri, Jonathan V.; von Brockdorff, Philip
2021Editorial : risk management models and theoriesGrima, Simon; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Thalassinos, Eleftherios
2020Emissions and economic development in small states : the role of governanceCamilleri, Jessica; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Briguglio, Marie
2018Environmental economics : special considerations for small statesMoncada, Stefano; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Briguglio, Marie
2019Establishing the contributing factors to the resurrection of PIIGS banks following the crisis : a panel data analysisMiguelez, Esteban; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Grima, Simon
2019Exploring the liquidity risk factors in the Balkan Region banking systemMazreku, Ibish; Morina, Fisnik; Misiri, Valdrin; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Grima, Simon
2020Facilitating healthy dietary habits : an experiment with a low income populationBelot, Michèle; James, Jonathan; Spiteri, Jonathan V.
2021Fine art insurance policies and risk perceptions : the case of MaltaPavia, Luke; Grima, Simon; Romanova, Inna; Spiteri, Jonathan V.
2018High out-of-pocket health spending in countries with a Mediterranean connectionGrima, Simon; Spiteri, Jonathan V.; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo Michael; Camilleri, Carl; Buttigieg, Sandra C.