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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Are medical students getting better at passing examinations in the basic medical sciences?Sadia Iqbal, Halima; Cilia, Martina; Al-Herz, Zahraa; Darmanin, Nicola; Stabile, Isabel
2015Attitude of medical students towards game-based learning of anatomyCroucher, Daniel; Stabile, Isabel
2017The attitudes of medical students in Europe toward the clinical importance of histologyMoxham, Bernard John; Emmanouil-Nikoloussi, Elpida; Brenner, Erich; Plaisant, Odile; Brichova, Hana; Kucera, Tomas; Pais, Diogo; Stabile, Isabel; Borg, Jordy; Scholz, Michael; Paulsen, Friedrich; Bueno-Lopez, Jose Luis; Arraez Aybar, Luis Alfonso; Caro, Raffaele De; Arsic, Stojanka; Lignier, Baptiste; Chirculescu, And Andy
2015Attitudes of medical students in Malta to the teaching of embryology and histologyBorg, Jordy; Stabile, Isabel
2018Blood and nerve supply of the pelvisStabile, Isabel
2018Bony and muscular pelvisStabile, Isabel
2006Challenges in identifying the methodology to estimate the prevalence of infectious intestinal disease in MaltaGauci, Charmaine; Gilles, Herbert M.; O’Brien, Sarah J.; Mamo, Julian; Stabile, Isabel; Ruggeri, Franco Maria; Micallef, C. C.
2017Clinical N-PAL preferentially benefits international studentsIqbal, Halima; Galea, Michela; Agius, Andee; Stabile, Isabel
2015Clinical students perception of their educational experiences (2014-2015)Catania, Sarah; Stabile, Isabel
2009Consistency between examiners in the final anatomy exam 2008-2009Stabile, Isabel; Micallef Attard, R.
2015Designing courses in anatomyStabile, Isabel
2006-05Diagnosis and treatment of fungal and non-specific vaginitisStabile, Isabel
2015Does it still make sense to define adequate competency as a fixed value : the case for standard settingStabile, Isabel
2018English for medicine : bridging worldsStabile, Isabel; N’Shea, Omar Simon; Wilkinson, Edward; Kirkpatrick, Nicola
2007Estimating the burden and cost of infectious intestinal disease in the Maltese communityGauci, Charmaine; Gilles, Herbert M.; O’Brien, Sarah J.; Mamo, Julian; Stabile, Isabel; Ruggeri, Franco Maria; Calleja, Neville; Spiteri, Gianfranco
2012Evaluation of the first three years of a revised biomedical sciences curriculumSchembri, A.; Stabile, Isabel
2018Female genital tract and perineumStabile, Isabel
2000Florida panhandle healthy start : a randomized trial of prenatal home visitationStabile, Isabel; Graham, Mimi
2015The grey area : self-evaluation of performance in medical students at the University of MaltaStoner, Rebecca Amy; Caruana, Edward Joseph; Stabile, Isabel
2015How do medical students study anatomy?Alghuroba, Mubarak; Abdulrhman, Ahmad; Stabile, Isabel