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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Achieving user adaptivity in hyperspace with hypercontextStaff, Chris
2006Automatic classification of web pages into bookmark categoriesStaff, Chris
2015Automatic task-cluster generation based on document switching and revisitationAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris; Handschuh, Siegfried
2016Behaviour mining for automatic task-keeping and visualisations for task-refindingAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris
2015Collecting and analysing personal information management dataAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris; Handschuh, Siegfried
2005COLLEGE : a collaborative on-line lecture environment for group and individual eLearningStaff, Chris
2007Comparing title only and full text indexing to classify web pages into bookmark categoriesStaff, Chris; Abela, Charlie
2010DIME : desktop interruption managementBorg, Erika L.; Abela, Charlie; Staff, Chris
2004Expanding query terms in contextStaff, Chris; Muscat, Robert
2017Experiments with document retrieval from small text collections using latent semantic analysis or term similarity with query coordination and automatic relevance feedbackLayfield, Colin; Azzopardi, Joel; Staff, Chris
2016Extended no-K-Means for search results clusteringAzzopardi, Joel; Staff, Chris; Layfield, Colin
2006How did I find that : automatically constructing queries from bookmarked web pages and categoriesStaff, Chris
2012Incremental clustering of news reportsAzzopardi, Joel; Staff, Chris
2011Online activity graph for document importance and associationAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris; Handschuh, Siegfried
2015Search results clustering without external resourcesStaff, Chris; Azzopardi, Joel; Layfield, Colin; Mercieca, Dan
2010Task-based user modelling for knowledge work supportAbela, Charlie; Staff, Chris; Handschuh, Siegfried